Rain Bug, Windows, Nvidia - It rains during clear sky

Hi guys,
I am not sure if anyone else already have encountred this problem or posted it already (a quick search in the forum was negativ, beside a quite generic complaint about rain probabilityand a similar issue here …): When it starts to rain (in normal gameplay, not in cut scenes an special scenes) the rain will fall normaly but the sky is everytime clear. No clouds at all. This looks quite wired and destroys alot of the immersion.
This bug is present during daytime and alos during night time.

  • Game version is latest 1.3.4 (updated via steam) - no mods used, vanilla version! I am just using a custom.cfg (using steam cammand parameter passing with +exec custom.cfg) file to enable the crosshair during achery (wh_pl_showfirecursor=1), and the g_skipintro=1 (what btw doesnt work as well). But I have also removed the custom.cfg and the bug is still here.

  • Overall Game setting is “Ultra”, all distance sliders are maxed out, moton blur deactivated, Antialiasing is set to temporal SMAA.

  • Windows version is latest (automatic updates are turned on)

  • NVIDIA Display Driver is Latest (Version 391.24 WHQL), Card: Zotac GeForce 980 Ti AMP! Extreme

I’ll post some screenshots later if desired.

Please let me know what I can try to fix this by myselft or what you need to know additionally to solve the problem.

BR, tmctiger
P.s.: Also sent a bug reporting mail to support@kingdomecomerpg.com already

it’s a bit annoying i have this problem as well, but far more anoying is the bad quality of the soundeffect for rain. When im playing with my headset, everything sounds absolutly topnotch except for the rain. it sounds robotic, crappy and cheap.

Hi, hmm the sound quality is ok on my side, also playing with headset (Plantronics RIG 500).
BTW: I have got a very fast answer on my support request email, that Warhorse is aware of the problem and is working on it. --> very well done support, so let us hope the solving of this issue will make it a not so distant patch.

Does the same thing on console. It would be nice if the game had a better variety of weather.

playing with Audio-Technica ATH-ADG1X headset, sound is impecable just the rain sounds awfull. don’t know what i can do about it. when playing other games the rain SFX is just a lot better.

2019 now and still not fixed. Also weird cloud texture loading…
Well done Warhorse!

The problem still exists as of today, end of november 2019.
I was in a thunderstorm today, and the sky looked bright and clear.

Would be nice to have some real rainy weather effects. It does kill the mood right now. I think I’d rather have sunny weather 24/7 than this.

It’s not a rain bug. It’s rather a cloud or general weather bug. The rain is correct, but there must be thunder clouds instead of a blue sky.