Really low fps


Hey guys,
So last time i was doing the Nest of Vipers Quest and started my attack against the Bandit/Cuman Camp, i was hyped af for my first big battle. The Hype didn´t last for long as i got 10 fps during the whole fight :frowning: Killed the game for me and i dont play since.
I play on the lowest possible Settings ( 1960x1080)
In general my fps are really low and i dont know if ts normal or not.
Here my Specs:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
Intel xeon 1231v3 4 x 3.40 ghz +HT
16 gb of DDR3 Ram 1600
Palit Jetstream GTX 970 ( thinking about to upgrade to a GTX1070ti but tfw gpu prices)
Game installed in a 4tb Seagate SSHD
I dont think that my Specs are that bad. Maybe im going to try to install KCD on a SSD but no space atm.
What do you guys think? What should i do? I really want to start to play again but the performance just kills the game for me and i exit after 2 mins.

Thanks for your time


welcome to the club of mid range systems.
KCD is a not well optimized game and doesn’t care for slightly older/ mid range system ( resource hog too).
I have an athalon 85 x4 3.9GHz, 16gig ddr3 ram, 8gig 1700mhz radion 850, game and mod on an SSD ( been told it is a nice office system) and got what you got in the 1st big battle. I get 10-20 fps in rattay and larger towns, 30-40 in wide open range, 25 in forests.

to get what you expected you prolly need to spend a 3 thou on like a rezon 1700, a good motherboard for it. a 1080 card with 16 gig vram ( thank the bit coin miners for the prices of them) and 16 gig of DDR4 RAM.

Edit: and if not a diy type add in the shop labor fee.


Or spend a couple of hundred on a ps4. :wink:


Ya, howse that working out fer ya? when is your next crash,past due patch,and no mods?


I had a couple crashes when it first came out. I kind of wish I could Reboot to the second Update. But I have a stable game.


I see from your post. Not so much.


Yeah PS4 is way more stable than my Xbone lol


Have you tried moving your GPU to a different port? If not I would try it, You never know🙂 I had a friend upgrade to a 1070 and found out by accident. There really isn’t much difference between the two. With the 1070ti you should be able to run the high texture pack on all high setting 60 fps. With the 970 you should be able to run on high at 60 fps with 40 plus in high NPC areas.


your talking PCIe 16x gen 3 slot. if you aint got… you aint’ it.
some board have one slot of that and a second of lesser.
and usually the 16x is the closer one to the cpu.


Oh okay :ok_hand:. I think hers had 3 or 4. I’m kinda rusty with PCs.


Would it be the motherboard then? I would guess that or he needs to update the drivers.


update to a newer more powerful computer. like I said in an above post. Me I don’t have that kind of dough right now.
or pray they finally optimize to the point we lesser nobles can play on faster fps steeds.


Seems like if you can’t get the new stuff, You get left behind. That can get really expensive.


if you want to upgrade to DDR4 then you have to get a MB that supports it.
If you hafta do that then might as well get a better CPU that can use it.
since you went to that trouble why not a better card… picture a cat chasing its tale…


Again I don’t think the low frame rate is anything to do with Hardware it’s something that happens in late-game along with stutter even if you don’t get stutter it still happens I am of the belief how they have optimize this game for even low settings that it’s just a matter of coding for them to fix this issue I don’t think it has anything to do with Hardware again and my reasoning for this is in the beginning of the game go and pick a f****** fight with 10 Bandits or 5 and see how well it goes there is no low frame-rate it’s again it’ll be it’ll blow your mind a good one to test is the camp that’s off the side of rattay

I’ve done this just as a test started a new game and as soon as I got out of bed and recovered from the fight with runt I went there and I picked the fight with every one of them and there was no frame drop again don’t criticize my viewpoint until you do this and then you’ll also realize how amazing the game is in the beginning and I don’t think it has to do with expanding the math either because I had on one of my runs I literally opened up the whole map to think or better yet to know if maybe the expansion of the map as you’re exploring is part of the reason that mid-game the frame rate drops as well as stutter for some people either way it had no effect that’s my point in the beginning of the game there’s nothing you can do to even try and make the frame rate drop I’ve ran through ratay on my horse full speed and the frame rates were on par


Hi there playor,
Your CPU is built for running servers primarly.
Your RAM is slow - this game has high trafic in RAM usage
Your OS is…not very good nowdays. Microsoft is not supporting W7 and W8 anymore for new processor generations of AMD (ryzen) and Intell (Kaby lake).
Your GPU is fine. I have myself Asus Stryx 970 4GB VRAM.
I had simmilar problems of low fps and general lagging and camera shaking on my almost 7 yeras old gaming PC. I went for this budget AMD build:
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
RAM: DDR 4 2400MHz is fine middle range and 8GB is enough
OS: W10 64bit
The difference is almost tripple fps in towns,no laggs or camera shaking. Its like playing a completly different game :grinning:
CPU: 150€
MoBo: 115€
RAM: 85€
OS: 130€
Total invest: 480€


I was going to say something about the OS. I have always hated 8.1 myself.


Yep, basicly big battles are broken and only top top hardware can brute force a playable frame rate. Killed the game for me too, games fine basicly everywhere else apart from night time torches and SSD streaming lag, it’s one pile of shit engine mate basicly and should be binned. Don’t put thes big battles in the game if basicly no one can enjoy them unless they spent a mill on a pc. Which would be stupid for one game.


Ryzen 5 1600 is not top HW by any means. Its a budget midrange CPU. Blame MS not supporting old OS anymore. AMD and Intell just followed their decision.
You dont need top GPU to run the game. My GTX970 runs well on high settings. Its CPU and RAM that bottlenecks most systems. In general,you need fast RAM and as much cores and threads as possible on your CPU. Frequency of CPU is not decisive factor that much. My Ryzen has 3.2GHz stock.


Who the fuck said anything about needing top hardware to run th game. Not me. I said big battles. Doesn’t matter what hardware you got because they are obviously to much for this garbage engine.

Game runs fine untill nighttime with torches or big battles. THEN you need top hardware to brute force minimum frame rates. In other words it isn’t optimised for high hardware just that the power can force that lower FPS to playable ie 30 FPS.

At the end of the day if you are within official specs you should expect a 30 FPS lock. Obviously lowering settings but during big battles it doesn’t matter you’re settings are which is the point I’m getting at.