Really low fps


What is your PC setup?


Hopefully they can afford their own engine some day. Right now they are stuck with the renta car lol.


Tbh mate I’ve listed them a few times and I know hardware has nothing to do with it, basicly reality is there’s nothing you or me can do about it, only the Devs who put them in the game like that can.

Sorry I’m not being awkward but my hardwares enough put it that way.


Ok,I was genuinly curious. I allready sorted out my problems the way I described above. So Im fine. Maybe my advice can be useful for others.


Okey dokey mate here.

R9 380 4gb think it’s the MSI version has a nice stable overclock

I5 CPU sandybridge. Getting old but it’s fine for my locked 30 which is all I want.

8gb ram.

I know I’m gonna need to upgrade my CPU and get a bit more ram. But it’s fine for every next gen game I’ve played usually at mix of Max and high or usualy shadows at the optimised console settings and locked as allways at 30fps.


Oh no sir… You need a i7 with a 1080ti. This is what you need… Now give me your MONEY!!! lol


I’ve got a fiver that enough ?


Sandybridge…ouuu…as obsolete as my previous AMD Phenom II X4 965BE. This is your bottleneck nr.1
Most probably your RAM is DDR3 with low frequency. This would be your bottleneck nr.2
R9 380 is a bit worse then GTX970 but should be ok on med details in general or with some experimentation in game setup.


see this is why I couldn’t be arsed to tell you. I knew someone was gonna think the answer is to upgrade for 3 battles, I’ve been pc gaming a long time to know I run the game fine, big battles are unoptimised nothing to do with hardware. I’m not going to upgrade it just for 3 big battles in this game, you’re talking like my pc is struggling when it’s not, I told you I’m looking for a locked 30, no drops under 30 EVER, I have no problems in any other games or this one even apart from those battles so no mate just no. :grin: How dare you. :joy:. Just messing.

But don’t get me wrong you’re damn rite I’ll need to upgrade when ps5 is out. ATM though as long as you’re pc is more powerfull than a PS4 xbone being there the games you’ll be playing you’re fine

Oh and ddr4 DEFINITELY is not needed. Pc has no first party Devs. Console left overs are what we’ll be playing. My pc plays all games at higher settings and frame rates than my PS4 too. Just completed assassin’s creed, loved it locked 30, 1080p, all Mac setting apart from clutter and environmental settings one lower. I know how other games perform means nothing but it still gives you an idea.


Sorry,Im not much familiar with slang you use (not native english speaker) . Do as you please. Im not here to talk you into anything :wink:


Coolio. Just don’t be brain washed into thinking you need over priced specs from the greedy fuckers Nvidia , intel. There like snake oil merchants that sell you hardware. :grin: Thats my feelings after 10 years of pc gaming. Here come buy this 1080 for a grand, ok what games will use it, ummmm well here’s the thing. Basicly none. Oh it plays PS4 and Xbox games and you’ll be able to brute force a playable frame rate for 3 big battles in Kingdom come deliverence. Yeah no thx. I’ll upgrade when I actually need to like I allways have. But never ever to anything Nvidia, but a mainstream AMD, I’m liking what amd are doing with ryzan, big fan of that. That’s what I’ll be getting next.

My rams fine. But I probs will get Max speed ddr3. ddr4 has been proven to not be needed.

But yeah. Ps5 will be time for upgrades. Well unless we see some amazing pc exclusive but I doubt it.


For my gaming PC I usually go with AMD CPU. Nvidia is only because it runs my Combat Flight Simulators (Il-2:BoX, DCS) better. And those I play primarly. For work I have my employer to buy me expensive Intell stuff :grinning:
And always check for discounts. My local HW provider has often some good price reduction. I bought my GTX970 with 15% and new Ryzen with 21% discount :slight_smile:


Every pc gamer should support amd imo. Yeah you chose well mate, apart from the Nvidia GPU, but that’s just my hate for them :joy: my GPU is the equivalent of a 960 but a bit better most the time. It’s getting old sure but is fine.

I will have to upgrade to a i7 3770k as the last and best CPU I can get before needing to upgrade mobo too, then I’ll be getting ryzan definitely.


Ubisoft have years of experience and the capital to back it up. That is why it only takes them a year to make a game. But they are not perfect either.

That is why they spent one more year to make Origins. I think it is a better game for it too🙂


Yeah mate definitely, I think they need to improve on quests , story and characters. The dlc was really good though. Curse of the Pharaohs is how to do dlc.

Game ran very well on my pc too.


I only think I had 2 hard crashes, but I think it was because I was playing forever lol. The game run awesome for me. It is a beautiful game too.


If AMD is going to produce the HW that will match Nvidia /INTEL, than why not ? sadly, it is not and most probably will BE NOT the case … if you want to drive kia venga instead of audi, suit yourself…


Yep I definitely will because I know it’s more than enough to play console ports. The car comparison is a bad one because you get you’re money’s worth with that car. :joy: Though I guess with speed limits it’s kinda similar to overpowered hardware with no software to make use of it. :grin: You can’t go speeding around using that horse power because of speed limits in facts it’s a perfect comparison.

Meanwhile on PS4. God of war on a console weaker than my aging pc and looks better than anything that will ever come out on pc. Sad but reality.


Kingdom Come on ULTRA settings and even very high settings looks much better than on any console -
btw a strong car is always fun . the police cannot be everywhere… do not be so humble and …obedient-)


Time to Upgrade i see :frowning: To bad because every other games runs like butter even on Mid - High. Im gonna wait for Hardware prices to drop lol in the meanwhile im gonna pray for a miracle update :smiley: