Reasonable Ideas for Expansions *SPOILERS*


Ive been looking for people talking about dlc, but i cant find anything that is really reasonable. Most people giving out dlc ideas have either suggested things that would completely change the game or would be a whole new game entirely. Id like to hear people suggestions for things to be added. Ill start with a few ideas ive had.

  1. Lances
    this could translate to having jousting tournaments like archery and sword fighting.

  2. Blacksmithing
    obviously this would probably be the hardest thing to add to the game but the alchemy is so good i hate they ran out of time for this. It would have been the definitive game of blacksmithing.

  3. Crossbows
    I know they said they ran into technical limitations with these but its almost taking me out of the game we dont have these. Maybe they could revisit them with a fresh start.

These are my ideas that i think could reasonably be tacked into a story expansion (like skyrims crossbows).


As this just came to my mind i like the idea of maybe adding in becoming a bowyer and/or a fletcher.


getting to skewer that bastard that murdered my parents and razed skalitz.


Imagine actually making your very own sword from nothing? You have to smelt iron, forge blade, buy any parts you like for the hilt and assemble it as your father taught you… And then cry because you can’t inspect your weapons. Seriously, this game has so many beautiful weapons, peaces of armor and clothing, yet there is no way to look at it, other than dropping on the ground or finding NPC that is equiped with it. We need “Inspect item” option or button like in CS:GO where you can look at weapon in your hands.

  1. “Restoration of Rovna/Skalitz” - people will come back (if you done one quest in Rovna, there is a hint that it might happen). There is possibility for many new and interesting quests and you don´t need to change the map.

  2. “Pub life” - really make the inns living place. Be able to buy round/feast to the whole pub ->starting “minigame”: dice tournaments, adding cards and chess, dancing, fortunatellers, travelling merchants (news from different locations), whores, boose, fistfights, trying to persuade people with different political opinions, however if you are boring (still talking about politics) you will lose reputation, if you are fun, well you know what will happen :slight_smile: there could be also thiefs that will try rob not just NPCs but you as well (so you can lose thigns. If you noticed them, you can return the money, take it, take just half from the thief…).

I have loads of ideas regarding these two DLCs, that I really need them right now! :smiley:


skalitz was never rebuilt in history so that isn’t an option unfortunately but I agree it would be nice to see the taverns lifed up


does post main quest DLC have to be historically accurate? i hope not


Polarms and crossbows is think would be added because there’s already polarm skills but nothing to upgrade which I find odd.i don’t see black smithing possible because of game mechanics😢 but It would be awesome


New Animals from Fox, Wolf, Brown, Black Bears, Grizzly, Beavers, Hawk, Ravens, Crows, Fish. New Map Expansion like a Snowy environment. More Stealth gear, More Armor, More weapons. Ability to swim on top of the water. I would like to cross the river.


Anyone know what this river is/was like in RL. Fast/slow current, deep/shallow, etc


the smithing and crossbows were scraped because they couldnt get them to work the way they wanted them to in the time they wanted to. Now that the game is released and is doing quite well id say they have the resources and free time once they feel comfortable with the state of the game and its bugs. also i wouldnt consider a lance as the same as the pole arms in game. lances were expendable and designed to be. i wouldnt consider a halberd expendable.


really like the second idea. would give me a reason to visit taverns in places that also have bath houses. Id also like to see a real player home that has all the amenities. considering who henry turns out to be i would like to a personal blacksmith and baths in our home so we could wash up for free or a reduced price (maybe a daily pay for hired people but free repairs/ bathing?)


Good ideas! I’d like to see an “alternate life” DLC. Designed specifically for ‘not doing the main story’ (perhaps on a different playthrough) but rather taking Henry along a different life to experience medieval life. Say, Henry was traumatized by the events in Skalitz, and decided to avoid the politics and fighting to embark on . . .

  1. Following his father’s footsteps, become a blacksmith’s apprentice in a neighboring town (explore the Blacksmithing crafting career). perhaps eventually leveling up to full Blacksmith (perhaps even being noticed well enough by nobility to enter their service like his father). Specialties could branch out to Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, and/or general Blacksmith.

  2. Running to the monastery to take Holy Orders and become a Benedictine monk. Learning Latin, mastering reading, crafting “Illumination” of copies of the Latin Vulgate Bible, memorizing key prayers, attending Vespers, and performing tasks/chores to keep the monastery going. And perhaps, witnessing the abuse of indulgences to even helping develop/spread the teachings of Jan Hus (and the Hussites) – assuming Henry takes a more religiously rebellious path. In 1403, the Hussites weren’t too well known yet and their writings wouldn’t have been formalized yet (no Hussite Bible yet), but the early days of discontent would be historically ‘playable’ (pre-Reformation murmurings). The Printing Press wouldn’t have been invented yet, but Scriptural illumination was at its peak development.

  3. Return to nature - Henry decides that too many townsfolk attract unwanted attention (like Cuman raiders looking for an easy score). Henry sets up camp in the woods (as a home), hunts game, collects herbs, builds his own ‘log cabin’ (on land he doesn’t own), and develops Artisan crafts such as Butchery (game meat), Tanning (hides, antlers, tusks, etc of various quality), Leatherworking (turning prepared hides into useful objects like backpacks, pouches, leather jerkins, belts, etc.), Cobblery (crafting shoes, boots, etc from leather of various quality – everything from peasant shoes to fashionable nobility-quality), Woodworking (felling trees, dressing timber, applying finishes [sealants] – perhaps expand Herbalism/Alchemy a little to account for crafting sealants, to constructing furniture like tables and chairs) . Since the early 1400’s were beginning to see the dawn of emerging entrepreneurial capitalism, I’d like to explore a much more robust crafting system in KCD (and what it was like back then to be an Artisan). Especially with such a wonderful Alchemy system already.

Player "Housing"
Spoiler Alert: I really like the emphasis on keeping Henry ‘poor.’ The first reward from a noble for faithful service is permission to sleep within the castle walls… somewhere… like the courtyard. And then after many successful missions, after he’s demonstrated some skill and faithfulness, he’s given a room. Just a room. So if the idea of player housing does get introduced, I hope its realistic (land owners were just one step down from nobility – landed gentry – if I remember correctly). Thus, players shouldn’t have an ‘easy’ time of obtaining a piece of land or house, let alone a ‘mansion’ (manor house). But it might be fun to explore feudalism (working for a noble on his property, farming/crafting, giving up most of one’s crop just to stay on the property, and not really owning the land or home - like renting). I really like the opportunity to explore and experience ‘life’ in 1403 (and better appreciate the comforts of the 21st century).


(Spoilers) u can be hunt master and after I do activities u can save there in talmberg only player home I know of


Forging and cooking are what I would like to see most of all as the alchemy mini game is something I have truly enjoyed playing around with.


Yeah, I hope for that to. And I hope they remove the option to use all cooking pots everywhere in the world for free


Exactly really cuts down on the diff and immersion more than it should


hand cannons…

oh and maybe a lerger DLC later that focuses on an older henry in the hussite wars


i do agree with keeping him relatively poor but i dont mean an oblivion style castle dlc (whatever one that was) but more of if the player can afford to buy or even like you said rent it i would be extremely happy. So far we have talmberg and the rattay miller and thats all i know of. Id like to run a very small piece of property (very small) but this would be a purely optional thing and would be in now way forced.


i actually dont know how i feel about this. I know they existed and were there but it would take serous work to get it to feel right. also this made me think of fishing.