Reasonable Ideas for Expansions *SPOILERS*


Oh, yes, fishing would be great, too! Wooden pole, fish traps, net fishing, constructing a fishery, selling fresh-caught fish in market. I’d definitely like that, too. And expanding huntsman to include trapping and possibly the noble pasttime of falconry.


different encounter characters and random event types. increased functionality of existing features, as mentioned above about the cooking. ideally those pots in the wild shouldn’t be filled once you’ve cleared out the camp. instead there should be a fire pit, and henry has to bring supplies such as charcoal, water, meat, in order to cook at those locations.
also, does salt actually help prevent food from spoiling? i know some storage boxes have salt in them and that’s where i store my meat hoping they don’t spoil down to zero. there’s actually so many ingredients you can buy, even exotic ones from certain dealers, but they don’t seem to have much use as this point other than as novelty food item.


For example:
Why we can’t help our old neighbors from Skalitz? They are refugees now, I would like to help them!


you can get some of them jobs in the “Aquarius” and “a friend in need” quests, and feed them by bringing game to “Alex”. there might be some more but i’m not sure. that’s not much I know but I had fun with the quests


Don´t forget the quests at the monastary. Helping the wounded.


Yes, I know. But they are begging in the streets, why I can’t give them few groschen?


I knew I was forgetting something good, I loved that quest especially with first aid 3 before I started it.


I tried that too even dropping some in front of them they won’t take it, which might be a bug because they said that npcs will take shit you drop and I can never get anyone to pick up my poisoned wine.


Oh that I never tried yet, I will. But I think it won’t working, but thanks the advice!


Yes I tried this with guards but it hasn´t work. Hope WH will fix this.


Not the castle, but the town was and quite fast. It was given by Sigismund later to someone. It exists even today (1354 people in 2017)


U can just walk up on one during day and drop from inventory


Probably know it’s poisned by smell or something trie to put it in a pot that everyone eats from


I love friend in need quest it rocks!!!


Thx for agreeing I’d also like to see jousting!!!


Srry I was wrong could’ve swore I have before just tried it didn’t work🤯


I tried to drop some food one of guy, but it didn’t work.


I would probably not be interested in DLC unless it contained a new area/map. I know that’s not easy to do and am not calling for it, and that amount of effort would be better spent on the next game, but I probably wouldn’t get DLC that was just new weapons and stories within the same map…


Of course it will (spoilers) if u beat the game than u will more in likely go to new area


It I agree it would be slot of effort I’d still get no matter what it is I love this game