Reasonable Ideas for Expansions *SPOILERS*


thats not what im saying. These are ideas that cant be slapped on bigger dlc so people who dont want to do the story narrative can gain something. like i said that the dawngaurd dlc added crossbows to skyrim. a much requested feature. but it was introduced into the game with a much bigger dlc. please read the original post. obviously people have stated ideas that could be whole dlcs on their own but small things come along way.


id also like to see some old armor added to the game. Maybe we could find a great helm, or other sorts of armor (Teutonic knight waffenrocks would be cool)


More Wild Life= Brown and Black Bears, Grizzlies, Wolves, Fox, Lynx, Beavers, Frogs, Owls, Ravens and Hawks.
New Snowy Environment= At another map to the north border to explore.
Fix Stealth Kills= If you stealth kill someone sleeping, It will wake up the other bandits.
Game needs to be heavily Optimized on PS4 Pro and Xbox One.
Add New Stealth Gear like Hoods, Mask etc.
Where is the Executioner’s Mask?


I was talking with my friend about my idea for restoration of Rovna/Skalitz and improved it. With this DLC it would be great to have quests to buy/(re)build your house. Another minigames could be added to build the house.

Another idea:Later in the game we usualy don´t know what to do with all the Groschens…


Because there were huge amount of counterfeited coins,

there could be some “financial crise” - more expensive stuff and repairs. Some shops could bankrupt->more thiefs, beggars, quests? I am pretty sure, that you can improve this idea :slight_smile:

EDIT: I know that the house idea is not new. But the combination with Restoration of R/S would be nice and make perfect sence :slight_smile:


this isnt a fantasy rpg. going north wont make the game snowy all of the sudden. and grizzlies are native to america. but i do like the idea of masks . maybe like how red deads bandanna worked. all crimes and good while wearing a bandanna dont count towards your reputation. so even if seen doing crimes you get away with it if you run away then take it off, but guards will instantly be suspicious of you like when you dont have a torch at night. optimization will come with time. besides that its also off topic. Also executioner masks are pretty much bullshit.


i like the idea but skalitz was never rebuilt so i doubt it would ever be added. im sure it could be justified if it did happen like maybe that skalitz was rebuilt but only with wood and it was again abandoned.


think there should be 2 types of DLC: (1) useable in story and (2) useable after conclusion. In story DLC should have a modicum of historical realism. After conclusion DLC should be sandbox stuff… use this beautiful landscape and other assets to develop and use in ways that didn’t (necessarily) happen but were consistent with technology, etc of the time

Rebuilding Skalitz would be great example of (2)

without mods, (1) is only to prolong console play for limited time whereas (2) will potentiate console play for much longer (years potentially)


The castle wasn´t rebuild but the town was. In 1413 owned by Kolman of Kriklava, 1417 Sasau monastery, 1436 Sigismund gave it to Zajimac of Kunstat an so on… In the beginning of 18th century, there were no silver left to mine. In these days 1354 people live there…




wow didnt know that. totally viable then i guess


While some would rather see Henry remain some impoverished peasant that is forced to undergo incredible feats to simply get a tiny cot in the stables, I find this pretty unrealistic. Even if you aren’t formally recognized, you’re the son of the Royal Hetman of the Holy Roman Emperor. The Royal Hetman was ranked as a Count, which is fairly significant. During the course of your adventures you almost single-handedly disrupt Sigismund’s cronies from conquering the region, killing maybe half a thousand men in the process by yourself. A person in this era who had accomplished such a feat, bastard or not, would have either been recognized by his father, or given a knighthood (Ritter in the HRE) and an appropriate Knight’s Fie.

There are scores of games out there that explore the life of some peasant turned adventurer. I don’t know of any that explore the life of a noble, lesser or not. I would really appreciate a game where it goes into the Feudal system more in depth, and delves into the politics therein. A Knight’s Fie would allow this, as you could create contracts with your own villeins, establish your own retinues, provide some sort of justice for your region, collect revenues, and get the right to actually consort with nobles (as you become lesser nobility yourself).

Complicating the matter in the context of this game and history is that Kobyla wasn’t really the true owner of Silver Skaliz. He was just governing it for the King/Emperor, who it was directly owned by, and presumably had titles elsewhere (and later gained more - including the right to build his own castle). Unfortunately, this means he would probably not be able to allocate land. Otherwise, I’d say you should be granted the areas surrounding Pribislavitz or Vranik, which you could rehabilitate. These would be very small and poor for a typical knights fie, but given the actual size of real fiefdoms granted to ritters, it would require a fairly significant extension of the map - and throw into question the dubious nature of the “nobles” in game who have such tiny properties. (Speaking of which, I’d really like some clarification on what rank these people actually are and what they’re supposed to own. Everyone being a “Sir” just doesn’t cut it in a Feudal system).

That all said, the best point to give the player their “stronghold” would likely be after the base events of the game, as this is all supposed to take place over a single summer. Radzig is murdered a bit more than a decade later, so there’s time enough to wait for inheritance.


im in line with you. im pretty sure i even said id like to see something like what you just posted in an earlier comment. Good thing i put spoilers in the headline because you went full throttle haha.


(Spoiler)As hated as wencaslas was ur lucky to be alive after all we know that Skalitz was torched just because of radzig siding with the emperor so imagine if they knew u we’re his son u would be held for ransom if caught if not killed to lure out radzig


ahhhh….there is a spoiler to reply to that. called near end game.


out of the ashes 2? sounds great