Refunding a pledge


Seems like Kingdom Come is going to be cancelled soon: no news, last video update contained no useful information. So, is it possible to refund my pledge?


The latest “update” was more of a making of/behind the scenes sort of thing, but if it were going to be cancelled, pretty sure they wouldn’t release any videos:I


Warhorse is trying to create an illusion of work in progress, while they are just counting our money.


Please send us your credentials to, we take care of your refund. Thank you!


I sent Warhorse studios a request for a refund,I have had no reply yet.


Our community manager is on a vacation this week, sorry for the delay.


More like: He doesn’t exist.


Sweet Jesus Finally, hey after you get your refund Kindly fuck off eh.


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So much untapped salt.


Don’t you think you are overreacting? Just out of curiosity from who did you hear that the game was going to be canceled?


Now i can finally reclaim the monopoly on making cancerous flame bait threads.


Already told her.

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Bitch I am gonna find ya…! :smiley:


Just one question to all of you: aren’t you tired of Warhorse’s devil-may-care attitude to you? If yes, then learn a very good Russian word: pizdabol - bareface liar.


Did you say…




aren’t you tired of Warhorse’s devil-may-care attitude to you?

Truth be told, yes and no. But I’m not about to complain. I’d prefer to wait until it’s good and ready instead of rushed like EA and stripped of everything then sold as, ‘‘DLC.’’ I mean sure we were promised a release date on the last video update, but after the last few times of promising a release date it’s good they stayed safe and didn’t say anything. Mind you, even an estimation at this point would’ve been nice, however I’m not about to tell them their job that I have no idea how to do.


I don´t get it…

5 years in row, we hear constant complaining about unfinished games, when EA or ubisoft forces devs to release incomplete games, full of bugs and broken mechanics, miserable stability and such, and it usually backfires really bad. So there comes backer funding on the scene, theoretically giving promise, that devs can take their time to develop perfect game according to their standards, or create games according to their vision, not publishers…

And there goes fucking mundablablalaikan, and acts exactly like fucking EA would act.
DO YOU FUCKING REALIZE, THAT YOU ARE NOW BASICALLY GAMERS WORST ENEMY?You are EA! People like you are THE reason for so many fucked up unfinished games, great ideas and hard work turned into ash, just because you CAN´T FUCKING WAIT for few months. Good things just need their time! I am so glad that you are just some random hillybilly from the internet forums, and not in charge of any development or publishing studio, thank god.