Refunding a pledge


WARHORSE HAS BEEN MAKING FOR 4 YEARS! AND DELAYED IT TWICE! WHILE FEEDING US WITH THESE USELESS VIDEOUPDATES! At this point I will accept even unfinished piece of code, that will require lots of patches!


My point exactly…
Fuck EA. Fuck you.

Do you bloody realize, that most games are being made even LONGER than 4 years? Especially new and bit revolutionary projects usually take a helluva lot of time.

Fallout 4 took around 6 years(?). And thats game which is based on existing engine, with established studio, working tech and SHITLOAD of money. And it still did nothing new, nothing really interesting, story sucked and was stuffed with filler content. Compare it to warhorse, which creates lot of tech from scratch, they are creating completely new and never-before-seen combat system with working physics, they are creating their own mo-cap, completely new and neverseen before clothing system, really somewhat revolutionary AI system (which is already better than fucking RADIANT AI in skyrim lol). All that while simultaneously moving to new studio, creating their own scripting and writing tools, hiring shit-load of people (which as everybody knows is quite hard and time consuming), releasing beta version (which is lot of added work on top of normal work!), releasing updates and such… AND they manage to do this with quite limited budget (backers money was just very small portion of the funding anyway, and they budget is definitely much smaller than any other major company currently has!)

And there you go, complaining that its going way too slow. I think that given the circumstances, its going BLAZING fast, its just your personal view because we know about the game for most of its development, while other games usually gets announced 0.5-2 years before release (when they are mostly finished already).


Maybe. But I find it strange to trust people, who break their promise three times in a row…


You askd for refund, can’t you just wait for your money back now. And while you wait just… you know… keep away from here?


I haven’t asked yet. But maybe I will soon.


It’s actually just the Mount&Blade combat system with 2 additional directions and simplified blocking. Kinda disappointing if that is the result of all the historical research and experimenting. For Honor and Mordhau both work way better for a first person medieval combat.



I should have refund my KC:D pledge and backed Mordhau instead.


Then do it. Dont think about us, it’s not like we are going to miss you


That’s not because of you. I am not refunding yet, because Warhorsr can announce a release date.


I think that lot of people are frustreded by Warhorse PR strategy. After the Kickstarter campain I would never imagine that more then 3 years later there will be almost complete silence and no release date set.

Datum vydání a celkový přístup Warhorse

WH is just teasing the community by pointless video updates without giving answers on frequently asked question. After 3 years of waiting and several canceled release dates it is a stupid PR strategy.

Datum vydání a celkový přístup Warhorse

Silent horror. He have to do something. I got a beer for example.


For Honor is first person?


You are right, it’s not 1st person. However, the way it works it might as well be 1st person since there is absolutely no need to see what your own char does with the way the game works. Not to mention that it is so far zoomed in that it might as well be 1st person. In fact that would work better than having the complete left side of your screen blocked by the char - over the shoulder view is pure cancer.


The full game development started after the KS campaign. 3 years is pretty short considering the scope of the game and the amount of research and development that had to be done, as well as staffing the team up.
If there is one problem with Warhorse, it is giving unrealistic dates, but most developers are guilty of that. Even CD Projekt had to delay Witcher 3 not once, but twice compared to their original public release date. And the result was worth it. Same with Rockstar, most of their games got delayed, sometimes multiple times. And since Warhorse have bad experience with giving out dates, I am not surprised Warhorse do not want to give release date just yet.

But if anyone thinks Warhorse are not working on the game, then they are delusional morons, simple as that.


True, but consider this, Mass Effect Andromeda had a budget of $40 million. EA also had to use all 3 Bioware studios to finish it and if you played ME:A on day one I don’t to tell the horrible job Bioware did. Warhorse is just one small studio, compared to others, and if memory serves me right, this is also their first game. Warhorse have to make sure that this game small bugs as possible.

I’ll say this though, if they don’t release this game by summer, then the game is in danger. A game in order to be successful needs to sell big and make huge profit. Fall 2017 belongs to Shadow of War, Battlefront 2 and the most anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2. As good as Kingdom Come Deliverance can be, is no match against established brands, specifically RDR 2. These 3 game will take away sales from KCD, all that handwork would be in vain and if they decide to wait to 2018 it will be game over. I understand they want to release that game as polished as possible, but the longer it is in development the less profit it will make. Think about it this way, KCD is currently an operational cost to Warhorse studio, is not making any profit. Every day they take to polish the game, is another day with an expense. The longer they take, the higher the operational cost will be and the money they’ve received from backers will bleed dried. That is the reason publishers like EA, Activision, etc… rush their games. KCD momentum is now and the best chance to release without a strong contender is summer 2017.


Alright, I’m putting this out here since apparently nobody wants to bring it up.

The game is finished. Dan Vavra said so in a video update. But you know why it’s not released?

Cause it all fell apart when it was put together. So what’s happening right now is they are fixing it, optimizing it, making sure there are no bugs, problems, glitches, etc.They also are still having to port it to consoles, and last time I heard they needed to talk with Playstation and Microsoft for that. They don’t want to be EA or Bioware and give us a complete and utter mess.

So the game is finished. There is nothing else they have to add to the game, so they could release it now, but it would probably just crash constantly because all it is is a crashing mess, and that’s what they need to avoid if they want to get somewhere. I know nothing of game development, but I know that optimizing a game as well as porting takes months to get just to a stable enough condition.

And you want a release date? I’ll give you the same answer I gave last time on the supposed ‘‘Thursday Release Date Video Update’’

A little discontented that there was no release date, let alone an estimate. I’d have taken, ‘‘We’re hoping for Summer this year, but it’s more likely we’ll have it between November this year and February next. But this is only an estimate as there’s still a lot to do, so this is only a placeholder until we can give you a better estimate.’’

There you go. A release estimate.


Fine. Let’s hope it Kingdom Come Deliverance will be released in summer…


I don´t think there is chance to make it to summer… not chance at all.
If they could release it in summer, they would have to announce it sometimes around now, which apparently isn´t happening.
Given the fact that release in autumn would be silly, I think that they will try to focus either on Christmas release, or February, and release date announcment would come sometimes in summer (around half-year before actual release)


This is Mundy’s first thread that did not died in a fire of dank memes… So far only single one. And still a lot of hot comments around here!