Release date, again


It is already 11 March and still no release date announced. I am getting nervous…


Well they said 2017, so theres only so much of 2017. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They have 20 days to say “when”.


Well, we probably get a release date in their next video update. Which has been filmed and is now most likely in post production.

If not in the video update, expect news at E3. (Atleast around the time of E3, I doubt that warhorse will be at E3 since its very, very expensive.)

But we will see the video update soon enough and can’t wait!


I’m not nervous because based on what they are saying the game is pretty much finished and being optimized. It’s just a question of time now.


Looking forward to it but I am kind of surprised that they are not doing smaller, incremental releases.


They made smaller releases when the game was in alpha, when it reached the currently playable beta, they stopped working on the public releases. So they could spend that time developing The final product, which imho was the right choice to make.


Have there been any updates to the BETA yet either? Any progress to see?

Edit - Disregard my question was answered above


Q2 begins tomorrow, and still no release date! I am starting to miss my 3000 rubles… Will we ever see Kingdom Come Deliverance?..


I’d like to know the release date, but if Warhorse need more time to polish, refine and improve the game I can wait.
I want a great medieval game that makes me feel to live an awesome experience in the Holy Roman Empire, instead of a bugged and artistically poor game like Mass Effect Andromeda.
As I always say: “The waiting of pleasure is the pleasure itself”. :smiley:


But they have already delayed it twice! And waiting is definetely not a pleasure.


I have many games to play and if a delay is necessary for a better game, well, I can wait.
Sure, I love this game and I want to play it; also, I backed it at Earl tier, a 110$ Collector’s Edition.
I know what you feel, but seriously, when it will be released I want to play KCD at 2K resolution and 60+ FPS without any boring bug and with a superb environment.
Maybe in the next days or weeks Warhorse will let us know something. Physical tiers are no more available, so I think that at this point the release will be not very far.


For someone who “discovered” the game last week the waiting might be a pleasure. For others who have been following it for three or more years not so much :smile:


I backed the game on 2015. :smile:


All I know is that they work on video update, and honestly I don’t care if video update and possible release date comes in Q1 or early Q2… I backed the game in 2014 on Kickstarter, so to wait a few more days/weeks whatever for video update and possible release date dont bother me much…


What bothers me the most now, is complete lack of information from Warhorse. They promised to announce release date in Q1, so they can at least apologise and tell as what is going on.


Total true.


It is still Q1(barely), maybe they just want to wait to they know everything 100% themself what happends next. Like when is video done and all before they announce it to us? Atleast that is what I think, since no point for them to say to much more again before they are sure. Better with 1 proper late info then 1early then 1more later to delay info from the 1st again…


Maybe, but why can’t they tell as that? Complete silence is really annoying and impolite.


You are right. I dont really understand why they couldnt just say “Sorry guys, we have some problems, the update will be little bit later.” Instead of being quiet, letting us wait and dissapoint us.