Release date, again


Awh I love the waiting. It’s like the time before Christmas. All excited.


The difference is Christmas comes at a set time. I wonder how much fun you’d have if you waited and on Christmas morning your parents said, not yet. Soon. Wait a little more. How much of that kind of waiting do you think you’d enjoy?


Depends if they said. You can have it now and your present might be broke or won’t be as good. Or wait a little longer. I’d say yayyy awesome wait longer.

I’ve been there. Christmas morning gpu was not working proper. Told hey look we’ll send it back and upgrade. Worked out perfect for me


This is nothing, TaleWorlds has been quiet for months. Only to release a new blog that contains the same info we already knew.

I’m still certain we get a summer release. I would be glad if the game gets a release dat announcement just a few weeks or a month before release. Otherwise the waiting game continue’s


TaleWorlds did not get money from their customers. So they can be silent and develop the game how long they want.


This is an issue that is really unfair to developers. I can understand if they take your money and run away with it, with no update information, but that’s not the case here. These developers are working on this game and have been giving relatively regular updates on the progress. All too often, players scream for a release date, and then pan the game when it is released because of being “unfinished” or poorly made. Let these devs make a great game. Don’t push them for a release so that you can call it crap because there’s bugs or its “unfinished.” Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait. Get it?

In the meantime, go to Steam and get other games. Lots of fun stuff out there. I look forward to this game a lot, but that’s because the devs are committed to making a great game, something that more devs need to do. Let them do their magic and just be patient.


@Matt1971 I’d like to know the release date, to see how the Earl Collector’s Edition looks and play the game, but I have a virtue called “patience” and I’ll be not disappointed if Warhorse would delay again the game. I have lot of games to play on Steam and I want that KCD will be a refined, complete and full of medieval art videogame.


IMO people are legitimately pissed off and Warhorse can only blame themselves. By now they should already know their capabalities and they shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep. There wouldn’t be such a fuss over a video update if they didn’t promise it’s gonna be out next week…a month ago. There wouldn’t be full forum of people demanding release date if they didn’t say they are gonna announce it in 1Q 2017…


As I stated before. It is not about we, won’t be willing, to wait if the game needs it, but about bad comunication from warhorse PR department. I think that community is mostly quite patient and understanding. Would be nice if they canappreciate it and keep as informed in return.


They have already delayed game twice! I am sure, that they are just trying to get as much money as possible before closing the development.


Development of this game costed them more money than they got from backers already. Stop spreading false information. Im frustrated by waiting myself but you are taking this too far. There is no end of the world coming, or people running away with your money, just video update being delayed. Happens every day in gaming industry, you just dont hear about it.


It’s just a troll…

Anyway, @Mundhalai-khan, would you close the development if you owed a lot of money to this guy? :sweat_smile:


Wy don’t you ask for refund if you are so concerned about your money?


Who is this person?


His name is Zdeněk Bakala. He is the main investor to development.


Is he some kind of a Czech mobster? :slight_smile:


A really unscrupulous businessman. He is what we call here a “coal baron”. He made billions in corrupt trades with the state.


Hey guys. Oh I feel the dark side rising you. I am feeling the hatred. Life/development is a process, and processes can change. However, on Thursday you’ll get your video update. 90% sure :slight_smile:. It’s not like I am holding back information, the video production just went way slower than expected. Everything is on track and we did not run away with your money… yet! :slight_smile:

I am sry that I let you down earlier. I was sure that we are going to release something, but it was not good enough at that moment. I got the info that the video will be ready… which wasn’t the fact. I just shot too early :slight_smile: my fault. But to be fair. I am as excited as you are when releasing some new info… that’s why I couldn’t hold myself and had to tell you “soon”.

1.4.2017 Just another day

Thank you!

Guys, lets quench the torches and put down the pitchforks… for a moment.

And lets wait some more!


Tobi is smarter every day. Now he is careful and while he says thursday, he makes sure to not mention which week. :joy: