Release date, again


@Freix I hope that he mean this Thursday. :smile:
As I said many times, I can wait, but seriously, when I see the medieval art in this game my hype grow up exponentially and I’d like to shout: “Deus Vult!” :grin:


Or month…


or year…


or century…


Or millenium…


No need to apologize. It can happen to anyone. Sometimes we all shoot our load of excitement prematurely…


Sometimes we all shoot our load of excitement prematurely…



You shouod have run with the money, bought a mansion somewhere in Amazonia, and make the tribes worship you.


@Mundhalai-khan since your thread was closed i was not able to say this, so i’ll say it here.

I salute you friend, you are starting to rival me in number of threads closed. :ok_hand:


The Emperor is being contested? Outrageous.


Somehow, I don’t think so :smile: …the master shall never be outdone!

@TobiTobsen Tobes, we never shoot the messenger (unless he’s a Cuman of course). We just hate the silent treatment… I think we’d all much rather hear about delays (or anything else for that matter) from you guys, than sit around and wait, only to hear nothing at all.




Or Emperor Sigismund’s servant.


This Thursday? Nah mate busy. Having some frosty Beers heading out. Maybe next Thursday if you are free throw up the video. I’ll check it . Cheers :beers:.


Rummor: Xbox Scorpio is going to be ‘revealed’ this thursday and they are supposed to show some games. Coincidence?


I see some promise to that Thursday date. Albeit it does say mocap, it does seem far more promising than silence.


Yeah, we have that kind in my country too :slight_smile:

The good thing is that at least one of his investments was for a good cause, I mean KC:Deliverance. I hope Dan stood his ground on the terms, won’t like to see this investor taking away every profit of their 4-5 years hard labor.


I love that you and I are the cool gamer girls on this thread!!! We need more gamer girls!


GamerGi… WHAT??? Giiiirl. How to pronounce? Can I eat that??