Release date, again


Yes. :smirk:


Ha ha ha! I meant Girls that play video games are cool! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It’s Thursday: put on coffee, dust of F5 button, im ready for the video waiting :rolling_eyes:


Yea me too. More than ready.

From this day Im a WAITER!

Not for long time I hope…


Don’t trust Tobi too much, though…


Yes… he is totally not trustworthy!


You would sell us all out for a slice of pizza. :smiley:

Make sure you order some, wouldn’t be an update without a mention of the pizza you’re eating.


yesterday Mazarini (guy who is making videos for warhorse) started working on video update :slight_smile: he said that is going to be ready today so we will see :smiley:


Mazarini didnt sleep again today? :smiley:


he started woriking on it around 23 PM yesterday so I think he didnt :smiley:


Some new information from Mazarini? I would appreciate if someone (Tobi) told us at what time the update will be uploaded, so I dont have to press F5 every 10minutes :smiley:


96% sure at 4pm CEST


You would spam the F5 all the time even if you knew when it comes out, just as a hope that it comes earlyer. Admit it!


Did Vavra take the other 4% so he can say he is 104% sure about things?


97% sure it will be released soon! :slight_smile:


But is that ‘soon-soon’ or ‘game developer-soon™-answer’? :rolling_eyes:


It’s like soon in about 50minutes :slight_smile: <-- 97% sure! But I am not trustworthy anyway!


You are the most trustworthy capybara I know!


As trustworthy as a capybara in a Link outfit and a bowtie can be! :slight_smile:


Good news. I have to buy wine. :о)