Release date, again


IT’s OOOOUUUUUUUT! (no, not caps lock I am acctually screaming)


This time I kept my word :)… and others did!


There were NO new informations in whole video update. Only pompous swagger! Pointless…


@TobiTobsen Where’s the release date? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now you can finally get a refund and be gone! bye bye :wink:


We don’t tend to respond to criticism like that here, but okay…


Lol, get refund, when developers doing work on the game, doing video updates and etc. :confused:


Ok, the video update is very interesting a cutscenes are looking good, but… but… The release date???


I imagine more a release date will come in a trailer… E3 trailer?..


You guys should really improve your cumunication with community.
You told us you will announce relase date in Q1 with big bang. You kept as wating, with no information, no mention about cahnge of plan. Q1 ended - total silence. 3 days later you told us that video update will be released on on Thursday, not mentioning that you will not announce relase date in it.
Video update was intresting, but no realease date, no slightest mention about stage of development.

I understand it, but I dont, understand why you can’t keep us informed how is the processes going.
I really feel like an idiot, that I belived that you will announce release date in that videoupdate :angry: .

Should we prepare for another 3 or 4 months of silence?


There will be some updates (if only related to the WH sponsored event and the stand they will have there) after the Libusin event at the end of April. So that is certainly less than 3-4 months.
The E3 expo will be mid June, and I’d certainly expect some more firm news about progress/performance/maybe a release date at that point.

Whatever the timescale is though, whipping one’s self into a frenzy or sinking into despair because of the presence/absence of some words is unhealthy. The current official release date is “2017”, the webstores have ‘2017 Dec 31’ as their placeholder dates, which while unlikely to be ‘correct’ are probably within 3 months either side of what we will see. (my guess).

I’d love to see it complete and released tomorrow, but I know that is unrealistic, and have plenty of other things (including real learning of the practice of the “knightly arts of sword combat” after the Lichtenaur tradition, and later stabby fun with Giganti and Capo Ferro rapier systems) to occupy myself with while I wait for snippets of news and the eventual game (and replay the Beta many times).


From Dan Vavra himself:
We are working on it very hard and it is really hard to make it great. Its a much more work than your usual 3rd person adventure and we are new studio as well. Its 3 years since Kickstarter and trust me, no one wants to ship the game ASAP than we do. But we want to ship a good game. The date will be announced soon. Sorry for the wait, I hope it will be worth it :wink:



Totally agree with you. After next 3 months of silence we will get another cool videoupdate about music or toilets.


I see some promise to that Thursday date. Albeit it does say mocap, it does seem far more promising than silence.

Well at least I was right about Thursday.

A little discontented that there was no release date, let alone an estimate. I’d have taken, ‘‘We’re hoping for Summer this year, but it’s more likely we’ll have it between November this year and February next. But this is only an estimate as there’s still a lot to do, so this is only a placeholder until we can give you a better estimate.’’


Yes, I would be ok with somethink like this too.

Just tell as how it really is.


I totally get where your team is coming from. You don’t want the game to look like crap or have glitches after you release. Even though AC Unity story was awesome in my opinion; people getting stuck in the air or the game constantly rebooting itself, graphics failing was not cool to deal with. I’m just totally excited to play another awesome open world role playing game, set in like the 1200’s, I.e. Witcher; this time with real historical substance. Anyways… hope to hear of the releases date by the summer or after. :blush:


Well I find it quite sad, that he is answering some random youtube commenter who calls them “lying slav shitstains” and questions from backers on official forums are ignored.
Should we take it like that we already payed so we are not intersting anymore?

What is soon? Next few weeks? In next month? E3? Do they already know the release date or not?


Yes. [quote=“Zub, post:98, topic:31887”]
Do they already know the release date or not?

Kingdom Come will never be released.

  • Dad, will be KCD released?
  • No, sonny, this is fantastic.


It definetely will be released. The development was way more expensive than the crowdfunding already.