Release date announcement


Hi im new on the forum but have bought the game a few years back.

i was looking at the other forum posts and found out that some staff members said something about the release date of the game that was gonna be announced at a video on thursday but the newest video from a week ago didnt have it can i get some info if you guys know when your team is going to show it to us because this isnt funny not for me and not for anyone else


Estimated release date was announced many times in the past. All release dates were canceled and now nobody knows when it will be released.

Datum vydání a celkový přístup Warhorse

not even the studio behind KCD


Hi and welcome to forum :slight_smile:
Currently release date is set on 2017, however it will be specified once they will know more precisely. Currently they are most likely debating about it. But I guess we are pretty much first ones to learn here on forums or on youtube.


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