Report Bugs Here Please!


The game platform is PC and no mod is installed.

This is i first playing this game, I bought all the DLCs and completed them all quests , including “The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon”.

Now the main task asks me to talk to Hans, so i do it. but Hans always stands in front of the window of his room, and there is no “talk”, I can’t interact with him now, so I can’t end my first week of games. I want to ask if this is a bug?


For 60 hours of play a few questions appeared.

  1. Why are there still new assignments on the map in the form of yellow stars, but in fact they are not there?
  2. How did it happen that the tracking tag was not removed from an already completed quest?

Please fix this bugs. I can send screenshots.

  1. Radzig offers the dialogue about limpy lubosh if you try to talk to him after finding the brother of the female mill worker.
  2. Damsel in distress quest and the monastery quest breaks if you started some of the other paths but choose it instead


Sinew Bow missing, Cannot be found in From The Ashes Guard House Chest, Archer Master has zero dialogue to sell Sinew Bow


My first playthrough. No mods or anyting, just trying to read these books
Can Henry read at all?
Seems like the characters in the book are mixed up


Henry needs to learn to read first (the apothecary in Rattay has an idea where Henry might be able to do that). This is most definitely not a bug, but a really cool feature of the game. :slight_smile: