Report Bugs Here Please!


Report bugs here, explain the problem and we might offer a solution. Report bugs and email them at there are too many topics discussing the same problem and it’s making it difficult for the community managers to sort through the mess.

Changes to Saving + Lockpicking are coming
Fix this please!

I think the actual process is to report them via email direct to

But I like the idea of a bug thread, so I’ll kick us off with some glitches that I’ve encountered

In Skalitz, the quest for your father where you have to go get money from the drunk guy who hasn’t paid for the nails. I snuck up behind him and knocked him out. Once I’d taken everything he owned and was trading it at the Charcoal sellers, he suddenly ran up behind and interrupted the trade. Pleading for me to stop and said I could take anything he had to settle the debt. Was quite funny really

Also, one of Henry’s four friends who you meet at the tavern (I can’t remember his name… but he was wearing green) his neck was indented on both sides of the collar. As if the texture was being pulled in. It was exposed and looked really unnatural.

In Talmberg, once you’ve gone to your bed and awake a short time later to talk about what happened with Lord Divish’s lady wife. At a point during the discussion, Henry repeats his lines twice. The lip sync and animations do not continue. Only after he’s said the lines the second time, can you continue with your tale.

Note that I only ever chose responses that leveraged either speech-craft, or the heart icon. I believe it was when I was mentioning about my father that the lines were repeated.


Making a thread for the bug and noting it with the Bug category is enough to report it. You don’t need to send an e-mail to Support or list the bug under 1 thread.


NO, you have to report to. Please send a email to:
Thank you!


Then what is the point in having your own forum with a Bug section in it?


The amount of posts is at the moment to high.
We had yesterday over 2ooo postings. No one can sort this out…

So please sent bugs to:

Thank you…

To offer help. Sometime it´s not a bug, only a misleading…
Or it is a bug and there is a solution…
Or no solution, but the confirmation to use an older save or start the game new…


That has to be the most silly reasoning ever. If you have over 2000 posts in the Bug section alone then there is obviously an issue you need to take care of but if you adopt your policy of sending an e-mail for every bug then you are going to get 2000 e-mails. if you do not have enough people to sort through the forums then how the hell are you going to sort through all the e-mails?


The issue is that people make new threads for same bugs and only a few people from WH are in charge of this, so its very hard to keep it all up, by sending it via mail they will certanly see it and document it.
Emails are easier to sort, since tgere are also 20000 other topics in here and its really hard to hunt it in this hectic enviorment.



If there are very few people to go through the forums then there are very few people to go through a general e-mail address.
Sending the same number of e-mails as there are forum posts doubles the workload.


Not quite as this can be forwarded to qa, scriptimg amd other people


What you mean the people that sit down and read the bug reports on the forums?
It’s still doubling up on workload.

What in essence they are really saying is send us an e-mail so we can bin it without you posting all the time for information on it. In essence hiding the fact they will not be working on it.


If you want help, do it like they posted:

Else,… have a nice day…


Ignore this post…




It’s the first day of release, give them time. These accusations are pointless and will do no good.


hi i’m playing on ps4 and i have a bit of a problem…
when i entered rattay for the first time i was called out by a guard who wanted to search me for stolen goods. since pretty much everything i wore at the time was stolen and i was still close to the entrance to the city, i ran.
got away without problems but now i always have the “L1+x” prompt for surrendereing shown in the lower right corner. it is replaced by eg the “grab” od “talk” prompt when neccessary, but at that doesn’t work for sleeping. so i can sit down on the bed,but can’t actually go to sleep -.- is there way to reset these prompts? or do i need to go back to an older save (which is quite old unfortunately)?
thanks in advance :slight_smile:


In the bandit camp siege in the mission Baptism of Fire, no enemies are locking on to me,and i cant lock onto anyone, and even when none of my men die, i get a message saying i failed the mission due to too many of my men dying


I would use a old save… I haven´t found a solution so far, for this bug.


thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
yeah i did that


Xbox One: So Archery Contests Alot of the time 1/2 of the contests just wont shoot… theyll just stand there with their bow out tellin you to put yours away before a guard seees you… then when you move you lose cuz your disqualified… its pretty shitty especially since thats such a good way to make money if your good with a bow.