Known Bugs And Reporting new ones


Please keep your Game and your graphic card drivers up to date to avoid already resolved bugs:
If you want to report a bug, please do it here:

EDIT: If you report the bugs here in forum or somwhere else there is a risk nobody will see it.
Reporting it to our support mail is way how to be sure we will see it!

Tereza follows me everywhere and interrupts my every action
Fixed on 1st week patch 1.2
solution is either:
load the game before starting the Aquarius quest and just don’t do the quest
load the game after starting the Aquarius and in dialogue with Antonia choose “I have more than enough people” and then “I will talk to the bailiff” And finally give her the job.(the first solution is safer)

Report Bugs Here Please!
Official bug report tracker?
Next to godliness... Bug or? (Possible Spoilers here)
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Report Bugs Here Please!
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Report Bugs Here Please!
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About the Bugs category
Lockpick disappeared
Spiel hängt sich ständig auf..Absolute zumutung!PS 4

Please keep your Game and your graphic card drivers up to date to avoid already resolved bugs:
If you want to report a bug, please do it here:

Hans Capon (Ptáček) follows me everywhere
Fixed on 1st day patch solution:
update the game to 1st day patch and then load the game on “autosave - start” of quest The Prey

Hanz Capon keeps following me but won't talk to me. *possible spoilers*



Please keep your Game and your graphic card drivers up to date to avoid already resolved bugs:
If you want to report a bug, please do it here:

R2 Button on Playstation4 isn´t working (Workaround)
You can remap your R2 key to L2 on your playstation4
Go into the settings of your PS4
Go to Accessibility
Go to Button Assignments
Enable Custom Button Assignments :ballot_box_with_check:
Customise Button Assignments
R2 :arrow_right: L2

We’ve found out about the cause of the R2 button bug and solved it
The issue is that R2 button is an analog button. And we need 90% press value to attack.
Some people have a bit worn out R2 button and so they are unable to press it for full 90% percent.

Thats why remapping the keys works and why the button works in the menu, because there you don’t need to have a 90% press value.

We will lower the trigger value a bit for patch 1.3, this will solve the problem.

Bug in theresa quest
Is this legal?
Spielstand laden nicht möglich!

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Cutscene not triggering (workaround)

  • Go back and load a previous save that reads “QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS INFORM SIR RADIZG” (you may lose some play time, but if you want to push through this annoying bug, this is the way to do it!)
  • Whatever you do, dont talk to anyone that will trigger a quest or update a save… just run straight to Sir Rad and talk to him. The Cut Scene will trigger.

Main quest line bug
Quest bug "questions and answers"
Backer fooled!
Quest help- questions and answers report to sir radzig at lookout
Question and Answers BUG WORKAROUND
Report Bugs Here Please!
MEINE FRESSE! Fragen und Antworten!