Saddle Degradation too rapid


Why does a good saddle in the game deteriorate so quickly? I note that the harness doesn’t degrade at all.
I can buy a Noble 4 Pack saddle one ‘day’ and about one ‘two weeks’ (game time) later its quality has degraded to absolute zero. Is there a justification for this?
I accept that in real life horse shoes do wear out but they certainly do so at a far greater rate than any saddle should do. Basically unless physically damaged in combat and with proper care a real world saddle should last for ten years if not more. Maybe this is not the experience in Bohemia. Anyone have any answers?
Love the game though!


Saddles were (are) made of very thick and tough leather. Its true that in game it looks like they are made out of cheap chinese material maybe :grin:
There are lots of items degrading rather fast. In general clothing. Almost every NPC wears torn,ragtag clothing like needle and thread were not invented yet. It is funny to see taylor in his shop wearing smth just pulled out of dustbin. Doesnt give much confidence in his skills :grinning:


There are no effect from a degraded saddle as far as I know. Just keep going with it.


Yep,I have mine since begining,long time with zero endurance, and I ride like thunderbolt. I fall down from horse only when I hit the tree…or barn in full speed :grin:


I noticed that too. I’m not going to spend more than I have to.


In 15th century Bohemia,the price for an average cow was 30 groschen. With amount of coins I have in my purse (or more like potato sack) I could buy 3333 cows. Holy cow! :grin:


Heh - well, not to be overly pedantic about the currency in the game, but I did actually calculate the actual worth of the game Groschen versus real life Groschen based on prices of goods during that time frame. Game Groschen is closer to a real world Pfennig (Penny) than the real world Groschen (actually worth a bit less than a penny). Quite forgivable I suppose, as medieval currency conversions can be a bit confusing to people who are used to a base 10 system.


In the old days they used to cut pieces from their coins. I think that is why they call it bits.

bits of gold or bits of silver. To them I think it is called a silver Groschen kinda like a gold septum.
It’s a Groschen of silver. That would make it a bit of silver🙂


my saddle didn’t degrade at all for a long while until the fools went after me on my horse or the horse, then ya .
Seeing as I have 6 charcoal burner sacks of groshen( G) I didn’t mind doing up keep.
Not much else to spend on for the knight who has everything and richer than sigismann


so using that reasoning the origin of the coin Pieces of eight in Spanish minting?


Bits and pieces. I think that made it simple for everyone back then. As you know there were a lot of people who couldn’t even read. Nobody ain’t got time for that. lol…



I usually just buy new stuff from Neohalf and steal it right back from the trunk. They really should post a guard there😆


I’ve never fought from horseback, and my saddles seem to fall apart as quickly as for the OP. But, with 146K groschen, I don’t mind dropping a few hundred on a new saddle once in a while.


Noble knight always fights frome horseback. Moving mud with his feet is for puny peasants…aghrrrr…where is my lance,Baldrick? :grinning:


What ho?! Is that The Black Vegetable??? I mean, The Black Adder?


Whats wrong with you, swangaorpqey???


If I recall rightly, Queen Elizabeth executed those who clipped coins. Seems rough, but she wanted to
have a stable and trusted monetary system.


Yeah I think past a certain time period everyone stopped clipping coins. It might have been Queen Elizabeth first🙂 Might go look that up.


The act of clipping was a serious criminal offence as it undermined the currency of the country. It was such a problem that in Britain clipping was high treason and punishable by death. In 1677

I guess this was still legal in Henry’s time.