Saint Henry

So I’ve recently embarked upon an interesting new playline, in which, i as Henry, try to live a simple, pure life and I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the peacefulness and immersion.
The rules that I have set out for myself are:

  1. Playing on hardcore mode with all negative perks.
  2. No gambling.
  3. No drinking.
  4. No sneaking, lock picking, looting of corpses or any kind of theft, even groschen found in tree stumps.
  5. No bathhouses or intimacy with women.
  6. No running, unless trying to run away from combat.
  7. No combat, unless unavoidable e.g. the fight with Runt.
  8. Must spend some time a day praying in church.
  9. Only wear a long white shirt, with plain hose and shoes.
  10. Must tip merchants as much as possible and have them pay less when buying from me.
  11. No hunting, unless player is a master huntsmen.

I’ve probably forgotten a few, but you get the point. I’m also trying to role play it as much as possible too, for example cooking and sitting down to eat food and getting undressed to go to bed. The story does get in the way of a few of these rules at some point and the game mechanics too.

All in all though, I would highly recommend this play style to any keen role players or anyone looking for a new way to play the game. I should also point that I am not religious and this doesn’t get in the way of playing it this way.


Do you hunt? Where do you get the money? Just quests?

Sorry forget to say that hunting is against the rules, unless you are the master huntsment (But can’t remember if you can get that without breaking other rules)

So far I’ve been collecting herbs for money and will go on to alchemy once i can read, but I generally find that i don’t need much money for this play style as things like clothes are limited to simple garments.

I’m currently doing the nightingale quest for a bit of money


Wow, you must be quite a masochist to play like that :smiley: I always try to do the best decisions in the quests and kill only bad guys. But I did also a lot of sins, especially stealing in the beginning of the game, when I was poor and had no equipment. I do everything what game offers, fun first!

My first play through was all over the place, looting every corpse, stealing anything i could get my hands on and always using fast travel or at least running/riding over hills instead of sticking to the paths.

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So this is redemption from your sins :smiley: I don’t do fast travel often, I enjoy exploring the country. Just on the most frequented traces i do fast travel.

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Yeah I’m appreciating the scenery more and because I’m not running around anymore, I can bump the graphics up a bit.

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Sounds like you’re going to fail the infiltration of Talmberg with Sir Hans

Such lifestyles not only prohibit killing but often also prohibiting the consumption of flesh from such killing. So, not sure why meat eating is permissible

How about riding a horse? It would seem peculiar to be able to ride but not run

Like I said the plot gets in the way sometimes, another example is that you have to break the no gambling rule in the first quest with Sir Hans, where he gambles his bow and groschen.

Yeah I guess eating meat could be banned too, but something tells me they didn’t have Quorn burgers back then and I need henry to be strong for all that herb collecting.

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Lentils :slightly_smiling_face:
Milk, cheese… though medieval vegan (PETA) warriors would object

Regardless of the nuances/contradictions, Henry the ascetic is interesting take

The no running is more of a role play element than ‘Saint Henry’, just looks silly running around the towns when there’s no rush. I haven’t got to the point where i get pebbles, but i will be careful to go at a trot in rural villages and a walk in the towns.

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Need self-flagellation and other features to maximize this ascetic aesthetic

Or to be able to hire the lady that sells bread in Rattay to walk behind me ringing a bell, saying shame over and over.

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Giving alms is a mechanic I really wish WH has developed more (esp as rich as heck bailiff of Pribyslavitz). Medieval life had certain ‘flavor’. WH nailed some aspects. More aspects would make KCD sublime

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On my main play through I broke into the Skalitz refugees trunk and gave them 10k Groshen, unfortunately they didn’t use it.


Ashes and some missions (eg Aquarius) get at some of this. Just too thin. Wish WH would reconsider ashes dev. In absence of revisiting ashes dev, hope modding enables this content (long time to wait though and only for PC)

The first time i heard about KCD was from the announcement of the Seven Kingdoms mod for it, so I’m also waiting for mods, but in the meantime I fell in love with the vanilla game.

KCD is a really good game. Derived much enjoyment in the +800h I’ve played. Popins and stutter caused me to take a break. Play a little here and there but largely waiting for expansion and bastards before getting back in it.

KCD could be sublime if WH implemented missed Kickstarter targets (eg mounted NPCs, large battles, weapons crafting), improved ashes (eg incl bathing, mending, laundering services in Pribyslavitz; recruiting and supporting more named Skalitz refugees) and/or added some other features (eg more tavern life, roaming bands of enemy NPCs, giving alms and other medieval flavor actions)

Unfortunately, will be at least a year before tools available for 7 kingdoms and other mod efforts to begin in earnest

To me, KCD is like a raw talent, it’s got all the potential and is easy to love, but just needs a bit of tendering here and there. Nothing big, just lots of small changes that complete the world more.

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I avoid looting corpses as well. Not that I won’t grab a swords dropped by enemies and allies.

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