Seriously czech culture

I have spoken with some people before making this topic and we agreed.
So when is going to be czech country conquered and our culture forgotten? The game KC made by czech developers, situated purely on czech ground, hudnreds of milions taken before release from common people, without Czech dub. Where is some pride and representativeness. This game is so precise and detailed, but EN,GER and even FRA dubbing only.

By your decision to completely ignore czech dub on this AAA title you globally are sending big sign of weakness of the Czech culture controlled by greed and money. You did GER and FRA dubs insted of CZE! There could not be any apology for this.

Lead developers should not look to the eyes of people in the czech republic.

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Maybe because French and German markets are more important?
Warhorse is a company like any other, they are making games to make money, you know … it’s the principle of capitalism.

It has nothing to do with Czech culture being “conquered” and “forgotten” … people are reaching so much.


Yeah, its lame. I liked to play Assassins creed 2 in italian, just for it to sound more authentic.

But if i were you, i would omit that cultural stuff, it makes you look like a crybaby and also it is quite a weak argument imho


Money is the only reason probably. The game has tons of dialogues, which means making the voiceovers would be expensive and the czech market is too small to make up for it. I doubt it will ever be done.


I dont know where are you from, but for example, if a gaming studio is claiming it is czech, it works on a AAA game in the czech republic on the historic bohemia game and then it completely ignores its main language. That is something very wrong. Czech actors are way cheaper then EN,GER and FRA actors.
Warhorse Studios should not proclaims itself as a czech studio, becouse it is not by its meaning.

I would buy this game If I could hear czech language in my living room. People around would accept games much more if they could hear and understand nice historic story. Right now opinion about games from people which dont control english, about games is that its just about killing. I would buy this game if I could hear the voices as it should be. Until then people will download it. People wont buy expensive “czech” game without czech dub.

One more thing, they should stop talking for 5 years about something like:, we are thinking about czech dub on KC" They dont have even enough of courage to say: , There is not going to be czech dub. " They keep potentional promises exactly for money.


It’s strange that this game has no czech VO, to say the least. It pisses me off too how Vávra has become like a professional politician in interviews regarding the czech VO - he talks about it for 3 minutes but doesn’t actually say anything except that it costs money (that they apparently don’t have after selling 1 million+ copies).


So … a Czech studio is not allowed to make a video game if it doesn’t include Czech language … uhuh …
You look like some nationalist idiot or something.

The game is huge and there are tons of dialogues, look at the size of the Czech Republic, and now you should be able to make a deduction yourself. It’s just not worth it to spend all that money while it’s not the market where it’s going to sell the most.

English is the universal language, and it’s included. If you have issues with English educate yourself.
Simple as that.


From the looks of things they’ve only just barely managed to get the game to work at all, and they’re continuing to work on it. There’s no reason why additional dub tracks can’t be added later and seeing as they are Czech, I imagine that would be the easiest form them to add. They probably just focussed on the markets where they’d make the most money to start off with, but I’m sure whining on the forums like an entitled brat will show them the error of their ways. Did the entire world have their ability to be patient surgically removed at some point over the last few years or is it just the internet?

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there are about 11 million people in the Czech Republic.

very few people outside of the Czech Republic take Czech as a second language in comparison to native and second language speakers of English, French & German or Portuguese and Spanish.

a bit of nationalism is fine, but its quite easy to make it cloud your judgment if you take it too far and who knows, maybe the next instalment of KCD may have Czech language


Ironically and sadly because the Czech market simply doesn’t exist to sell this game the way the other EU countries do (aka Germany, France etc). Also because of US companies like Steam don’t have marketing rights in EU countries. They have to go through international trade agreements etc. in order to buy and resell the game to EU countries. Same deal with M$ and Sony. So it seems it’s just not cost effective to do a Czech string translation.

If however, WH releases the long awaited modding tools for the cryengine, then there will definitely be such a translation by mods on the PC platform. Not sure how that would work on the console end unless WH sets up a central modding site the way Bethesda did for TES and Fallout franchises.

There is so many players in my neighbourhood which downloaded the game from torrents. When I asked them about the game of KC, they said it is great, but dont understand why it is not czech dubbed. They said: We are ignored by our blood instead of others, so we keep money for others.
These people all bought Witcher 3 game. I dont care much, if Vávra wants to be pure moneymaker. He is succesful now, but he cant expect much respect from the czech side. He is a foreigner. This wasnt an indie project.

Am going to keep this short, I would too be pissed if the game of origins is my country that does not have a native VO, however, do consider this:

KCD is a crowdfunded game of 5M compared to most AAA games, and they have to priortise their funding towards what would make best sense for them. Their best bet to the market is to cater to the large audience. Whilst not desierable, is a better solution than a game that sold worst than before.

Perhaps you might want to take some thought that the scale of the game might not exist at all if they are to make decisions ideally to your image.

There will be no dubbed mod in the future. Dont say things for the sheep. KC is feeding us about czech dub for 5 years with no honest answer. (good for marketing and advertisement)

I’m not saying anything for the sheep. I’m saying there are not enough Czech KCD fans for WH to bother dubbing the game the way they did for the bigger fan base that speaks German/English/French etc.

There is enough of people in our country for this game. There was many released games dubbed at czech language with much less budget than KC. It is just about decisions of main management.
Dont believe the bulshits they sent to justify themselfs.

I’m not exactly clear to the issue of the history of promised Czech VOs, but would an attempt to petition to get a Czech VO for later releases(Directors Cut, Collectors Editions examples) be a better option right now? Considering KCD’s success in their sales?

Since you’re quite passionate on this topic.

a non issue if i’ve ever seen one. at least you have companies in your country that are willing to make games about your history, to get triggered by not including local voiceovers is just childish.

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Petitions dont work for released games. Its too late. I am keeping money on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord.

It is more as cost in money. Cost is relative. Costs means it costs time, time which the audio people could use for different purposes. It costs money to hire the actors, the extra hours for the recording staff, the translating, the sinking, etc. Not just the actors have to be paid. It also costs engine power, GB, bug fixing time and such.


VO is quite a deal in immersion definitely, but if you’re just angry for this game solely because of the VO when the game has painstakingly created Medieval Bohemia…

It’s your opinion, but I feel that you’re being childish of not supporting this game when the basis of the argument is on Czech culture, and I dont think KCD has done a diservice to that.