Share some of your WTF moments


I’m playing on a ps4 pro, but never mind all the games technical issues the story and gameplay is quite good and now I’m enjoying it. Some things just make me laugh sometimes and wonder lol wtf

Sometimes when running through town I will get stopped and get told I’m being arrested for stealing, but I have stolen nothing

I was shooting some Cumims just outside sasau and was arrested cause I was “shooting arrows at people”. Lol what! I thought I was supposed to kill the Cumims

I was in a fist fight with some bandits and some random guards came past and arrested me cause I was caught " supposedly beating livestock ". Huh …lol

Also I got the “stuck in the doorway bug” in one of the inns. So I could not get out after some random button bashing (out of frustration for not being able to get out) Henry hit one of the inn patrons. They ran away and guards came. I was arrested again for “hitting livestock” …lol

Share if you have any similar experiences


Saw a thief fleeing, tried to shoot him with an arrow to stop him, but missed. Got arrested for shooting arrows at people.


I posted a topic here once with it, i wasnt more than an hour into the game when i came across my first naked man with inverted groin. So naturally i recorded it…


Early in game. Was traveling around to get feel for open world. No savior schnapps on hand. On a narrow forest path with Olena (horse from escape). Ambushed. Killed bandit. Looted him and became overloaded. Couldn’t transfer stuff to Olena because didn’t own horse. A couple boars attacked. Pressed mount button. Ended up levitating above Olena. Shot at boar. Boars went away. Suddenly game forces Henry to look straight up at sky. Figured dismounting would reset situation. Wrong. Pressed dismount and fell to my death.


Naturally… or au naturel-ly


Standing on the horse


Yeah I had the the thief one to, but I had the option to “tackle”. Got arrested for attacking people


I know that view… unfortunately


The guards were like wtf we cant reach you haha


And my poor levitating Boxer…


If you fast ravel to rattay lower gate on horseback sometimes it glitches and you inside the horse. So you can see up through its arse into its head and see through its eyes. Dunno if this is a hidden perk from that “lock picking incident in the forest” …


On path E of Ledetchko, there’s a Cuman v bandit battle that periodically spawns. Chanced upon it. A tied up bandit was sitting 4m up in the air. After they killed each other off and mostly dispersed, I took care of the rest. (Cold hearted bastard) Shot the bandit 3-4 times before he died. Then, he fell to the ground


Yeah I saw it I let them kill each other while eating some dried meat :grinning:


Cuman v bandit battle? Dried meat … KCD version of popcorn.


Idk how i get there xD


That’s a good question :grinning: Maybe the horse is called Semik?


Ugh I have been getting this bug. Is an easy repro . Have your bow and arrow out while on horseback , open a map . Pow up on the horse .


And they said there was no fantasy in KCD

Now imagine a column of them against the Cuman and bandits


:smile::smile::smile: body seems unclear :grin:


Killed this guy and threw him in a wash tub and instantly regretted it…if I would have just knocked him out instead perhaps he would have woken up and been stuck there. Maybe next time.