Share some of your WTF moments


well, not sure why it’s sideways but whatever.


If at Miller Peshek’s that would be amazing. Hal? (Insert classic Peshek sarcasm)

Rag doll body bothers me. Come on they paid guys to do 3D motion capture


:grin: minus one tube to wash your face


I dont remember where but I think he was a at a woodcutter camp or some such. I took him to a near by set of houses over my shoulder and just threw him in a tub. It was early morning but I can’t believe no one saw me lol


Now I understand your desire to make an honest living… having a dead guy looking at your from the bottom of a trough/tub can be unsettling


:smile::smile::smile: oh dear


My WTF moment was when I realised I turned off the game, so then I quickly turned it back on again



Hitting the wrong button. First time I beat the faint hearted knight I tried to knock him out to see what he had. Held on button too long. Stealth kill :scream::scream::scream: Noooo!! Restarted. Lost hours


It kind of puts things in perspective. You either dive completely off or reform…there is no riding that line.


How about this? Put some lullaby potion in bandit/Cuman pot. They eat. Sleep. You tie them up. Run/ride to town. Take guards to spot. Viola. Bounty hunter. No blood.


thats awesome. I wonder what would happen if i caught aggro of a guard and led him to bandits…or vice versa. how long will enemies follow you?


if only we could tie people up lol


currently, the NPCs at the camp will (likely) disappear once you leave the triggering area. with luck WH and/or modders will enable this kind of gameplay



that human centipede picture had be dying :joy:


some great ones. Theresa doesn’t respect the boundaries of a number of things. Had same kind of view with her and the ladder in Peshek’s home. also, had fractal Rattay guard.

some of the pics and vids rival the weird and crazy stuff for PUBG you see on Youtube


Sir… you… well how to put it… Do you have some cramp on the neck ?

Hello mam’zel, hum your hair seem… nice… I guess.I think I found the ghost :face_with_raised_eyebrow:Sir! I think your roof is flooding…"Yes! I won ! Now respect your engagement and kiss my ass"I found out that this is actually common and historically accurate.OH!! Gosh ! Priest ! Come here fast ! We have a case of possession ! Burn it !!When I went in the camp disguised in the historically accurate trojan horse.Just my horse doing some pole dancing…You have such long leg… grrr.What are you doing there? Is there a mouse or something?


The villagers are really hungry :smile: That long leg horse lol. Great ones!


Sounds like real life government interactions lol


Faint knight is immortal. He will come back eventually.