Share some of your WTF moments


So he’s like dandelions. Pretty easy to kill but nearly impossible to make disappear


Yeah… ok

Humm, so either it’s a ghost, or they doing some illicite smoking in there…

I guess you’re practicing your agility ? Baby step they say.

So I guess it’s a medieval game call stack the horses.

Seriously, I really wondered what they were doing all under that tree. I mean, it was raining, but is the game really that realistic ??

Ok, maybe it was the brown horse that didn’t understand the… “art of love”.

Eh ça va la vache ? (French palindrome, meaning “Hey how are you cow”)

… I… yeah…

I’m headless! Huh I mean speechless.


Medieval equine copulation was different

Betsy the cow… she’s on the fence


I was talking to someone when Henry flew straight up into the air. The camera slowly looked up as Henry flew away. The conversation was still going. After a few minutes Henry came back down several feet away, still in conversation. When it was over I had broken feet. LOL.


I shot my bow while on horse back yesterday, but aimed wrong for some reason trying to shoot a deer, i shot poor Pebbles the horse through the head…i fell of cause he/she died :frowning:

Also killed a horse i stole during combat with some bandits, i stabbed the bandit miss and hit the horses rump. That horses body is still there on the road to Rattay till this day.


I battled a group of bandits.
As always i needed to backtrack to loot all corpses when all of a sudden the corpse i was looting started taunting me.
"Got weak in the knees have you?!?! Coming from a ragdolled folded bandit. :grin::grin:


Now, it’s just everyday KC, but when I first time heard this I laughed my a** off.
Same NPC shouting at me within 1-2 seconds. “Hey, Henry came to see us! Clumsy idiot! Wha…?! Who’s there? Jesus Christ Be Praised.”


It’s no wonder his wife is on the prowl.



Okay, now that you’ve gone it has to do with the captive in Merhojed. I was supposed to bring him to Rattay for Sir Radzig but Straw tried to fight me and lost but I accidentally killed him then the bandit prisoner started attacking me then I fist fought him and he died so I lost like an hour of progress. rip.


You dont have to bring him to radzig. You cant continue the quest line no problem.


I just had the most awkward moment in KCD yet.
Rattay baths, after using wench services, with sounds and all, during black screen of loading the wench says: “Henry, I’m glad you came”, then the picture appears and she starts to run away downstairs.
I was facepalming in real life…


Seen the cow on the fence at the farm across the bridges North of Rattay.


I like the nightingales quest. I have the hunsman repeat the call over and over again. It never gets old😆


I had the giraffe horse once lol.


He was trying to steal 50 groschen on a mission entrusted to him by a refugee beggar in Rattay. The victim, a rich woman. The woman sits on a bench and takes advantage of the moment to start the robbery with such bad luck that a beggar who was a few meters in front of me sees me … and gives the alarm: Guard, come here quick! There’s a thief over there! screams … He was the same beggar who gave me the mission … WTF?


in patch 1.31 era In and on horse fight w/ Cumans on the run to Talmberg ended up floating 5m above the ground and not able to move


I did not expect that the patching system on consoles would be the biggest WTF moment :wink:


One NPC used to make this funny sound in the beta:


Henry’s dead father rose from the grave and became a bandit


If you drop some items, out of your inventory, to the ground(try picked up plants!)… they are rolling downwards…
You can kill chicken with this stuff!!!