Share some of your WTF moments


My biggest WTF moment with this game was as i opend this forum for the first time and witnessed all the crybabies yelling for their moms and complaining like little spoiled girls…

since than i come back every few days to have a good laugh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Trolls: they may be big, but they ain’t clever. But yep, in the face of all evidence just keep saying the game works just fine…


Had too many wtf moments with this game. Currently I’m flicking between my quest log which says I need to find the Skalitz priest and back to where I am in the game which is face-to-face with the Skalitz priest but given no opportunity to talk to him.


You’ve certainly picked the right game for a forum where people will come and complain. Oh and grow the F*** up


why are you crying?


You’ve obviously hit a nerve.


Ive seen people merge several times. Once at the Ratay bath house the two servant girls and the proprietor became one.
In Talmberg I climbed on a horse and we raised off the ground, so that my head went through the roof, and I couldn’t get out of the stable.
Annoying problems, but they were not game “breaking”.


Hiya. To escape Talmberg near the start I knocked out a guard and stole his uniform. 75 hours of gameplay and gawd knows how many ingame days later, I returned to find him like this…

His punishment for getting knobbled seems a bit harsh.

Maybe I should try pocketing him to put some stuff in his inventory and give him some new fancy clothes.



So fucking true. Maybe they need to have another skill tree in the game for complaining. :joy:


So there I was, running through the forest barely escaping a drunken taffer from whopping me with his little wooden stick.
I escaped, and decided to take in the beauty of this generated forest. I heard the birds, the bees, the frogs…
And then I made the mistake of looking for them. I noticed how empty this game really was…I opened the game files to see that all these animals had partial assets released with the game. Bears,wolfs,frogs, etc…I was like WTF WH !

It reminded me of TES IV Oblivion, when we got horses to ride in the game, but the little bastards didn't have a saddle or reins, we had to imagine we were steering them with our minds.
Please WH, don't pull a Bethesda and release animal content as DLC that should have been included in the original game.  AKA Oblivion Horse Armor DLC.....then you will get another WTF


It seems sir Hans forgot he has no sword in his hands :rofl:


He also seem not want to wear clothes a lot. Can’t do screen shots.


This bug is back in 1.6


the catchpole is in his undies. what happened? :flushed: and look … halberd litter on the ground

what is it that they’re doing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: those Skalitz boys are weird


Sleeping in my bed in Pirkstein castle and being woken up by a guard saying that I have to carry a torch at night.



LOL! :smile:


Hans at the epilogue preparing for jump to light speed with his horse as he and the horse stretches beyond recognition then warps across the map. XD theres so so many wtf moments, but thats why i love this game.
Oh, and floating clothes with none in them XD or spaghetti chicken

Npcs walking right into you during a conversation then sayng “hy! watch where your going!” or your in the middle of a scene and an npc walks into you and says " are you serious!"


I dont even, kept moving her body and she just went full alien