Share some of your WTF moments


My biggest WTF moment with this game was as i opend this forum for the first time and witnessed all the crybabies yelling for their moms and complaining like little spoiled girls…

since than i come back every few days to have a good laugh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Trolls: they may be big, but they ain’t clever. But yep, in the face of all evidence just keep saying the game works just fine…


Had too many wtf moments with this game. Currently I’m flicking between my quest log which says I need to find the Skalitz priest and back to where I am in the game which is face-to-face with the Skalitz priest but given no opportunity to talk to him.


You’ve certainly picked the right game for a forum where people will come and complain. Oh and grow the F*** up


why are you crying?


You’ve obviously hit a nerve.