Should I buy this game?


Hi guys. Right now kingdom come is on sale for half price on the Xbox store but I just wanted to ask you guys if that’s worth it? Honestly I’ve been reading reviews , it seems the game itself is good but it’s riddled with bugs.

So , is the game still buggy? Does the dev team perform regular updates ? When’s the last time a patch was released? I’m just curious.

What are some other things I should know about the game going in?

Is $40 worth it? I’m just super cautious because I hate buying games then losing interest afterwards. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Ive sunk a couple hundred hours into it.

Fun for people like me who like to take things slow (2000 hrs in skyrim, modded, still havent finished the main questline)


Yeah I do love taking things slow . When I played Skyrim I was the same way. Haha


To answer your question: Patch 1.8.2 was released on February 18th 2019.

I’ve been playing it on ps4 since new years and love it! I was also a bit hesitant because of reviews but I’m so happy I got it anyway… I actually feel a little bad for getting it on sale and not paying full price… Some glitches, but the only bad bugs I’ve encountered have been fixed in the february update. There is (at least?) one dlc to come so the game is still being imrpoved!


Awesome. Thanks for the response .


Yes, it’s def worth buying…but do yourself a favor and buy the PC version, not console. Better graphics, better performance, fully compatible with controllers including Bluetooth controllers, and mods, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Great open world first person RPG. You’ll like if you’re into the genre.


I play the PC version, I will say that if you enjoy a game that is challenging and entertaining then buy the game. It is a fun game for me.


If you intend on getting it, I recommend training with the captain you will meet later in the game to get the hang of the combat. Also, lockpicking is difficult at the start, you are only able to open “Very Easy” locks, not “Easy”. You can do “Easy” chests at level 5 of lockpicking. Some quests are timed, so if you fail, you might have to reload a save or speak with the quest npc for a second chance. You cannot save the game manually without Saviour Schnapps, an alcoholic drink that lets you save. Without it, you need to find a bed to save the game. Also completing quests might give you an autosave. Be mindful of that if you don’t want to lose hours of progress. Another thing is that this game has a bunch of pop-in textures especially on console and quest bugs that might force you to reload a save or find a solution online since there’s a possibility that the bug might carry over older saves. Otherwise the game is a great rpg with memorable characters and a refreshing new combat system (that needs some improvements in my opinion).


The game is worth the money if you look what crappy games cost 60 € and more. But thete’s still a lot to improve and to fix.


It seems you like Skyrim. For comparison, Skyrim has bigger world with a lot of encounters and dungeons, while KCD is more friendly unless you get lost in the woods during night while searching for hidden treasures.

The combat in Skyrim is simple hack and slash, KCD combat is more complex, you are automatically locked onto 1 opponent and using bow requires a lot of patience as you have no aim sign. All people have the same health bar and you can use different weapon types, slash, pierce, blunt for various armor sets that simply give you advantage while you can still damage enemy armor by hitting it till it “breaks” but you can not heal during combat.

The first 3 hours are a bit linear and there are more cutscenes, afterwards you get to enjoy open world in your classic RPG way.

The game was bugged in a way, you could lose a progress in game if it crashed or the quest was unable to finish because NPC wouldn’t talk to you or was missing while some quests are time limited. Bugs were usually resolved after loading old save (preferably before starting the quest), so in case you encounter problems, just load or restart game.

By the way, there are only two difficulties, normal and hardcore, while hardcore is for those who have finished KCD already because you will lose some important features and get debuffs. You will start on low level, illiterate, no skill in combat, hidden map parts and some parts in the story will need you to grind your skills so you can proceed. Since you like taking it slow, it shouldn’t be problem for you to grind on side quests before taking on main quest.

Skill level progression is same in both games, you improve it by doing it. Speak and you will get higher Speech.


Of course, the game doesnt really support modding, so only minor gameplay tweaks.
You’re not going to see anything like enderal anytime soon


This is one of those games that rarely get made. The attention to detail is beyond what 98% of the other companies will tend to. As for the bugs? Yeah, there were a lot at first, but I’ve only came across about 5 or 6 worth mentioning, and I bought on day 1. Others have had more / fewer, but now the game is in very good shape, and is at least as stable as the other games available from any devs or publishers in general… of any size. Yes, I would recommend buying it. I think after you play it, you’d agree with me it’s not a game to miss. …Unless you’re one of those people with ADD / ADHD who need explosions and machine guns, which I don’t think you are. I have 2000+ hours into Skyrim, Dark Souls 1-3, Fallout 3, 4, NV… and about 700 in ESO. This game, KCD, was very enjoyable all 3 times I played it.


I have experienced bugs that destroy the game, on 4 or 5 separate play throughs on two separate machines. The bugs I am experiencing are severe, and are being reported by multiple users. Just a heads up. I wouldn’t recommend the game to anybody, but if you’re willing to take that risk, by all means. When the game runs without bugs, it’s amazing. I just haven’t been able to get past a third of the way through it, and I’ve never had this happen to me with any other game.


@Shady I hear you…i really want to like this game but it’s a mess. Even the bits that work are clunky and laggy. And people excuse the awkward mess of a combat system as being ‘hard and realistic’. It’s not realistic. In what level of realism would a commander send a blacksmith in to clear a bandit camp without support? Combat is just a mess. It’s hard because the mechanics are horrible, even if the system is a good idea.

But the bugs, I agree, are beyond any game I’ve played. And they kill the game.


That premise of the game is fucked. But nearly every game that starts with a cliched escape suffers from the same god complex. Beyond that, a piss poor command decision isn’t the combat system


In what level of realism would a commander send a blacksmith in to clear a bandit camp without support?

The game is as realistic as any other RPG out there. It’s decidedly authentic, but not realistic.


Wow. I usually have to use reverse psychology to get people to admit there are severe bugs with this game. If my textures wont load, or I experience game breaking bugs with training, bows, etc I usually have to say something like “these samsung SSD’s are garbage” and blame the texture loading issues on my SSD, to which people will argue with me and say “NO , THAT SSD IS AMAZING YOU MORON!!, That’s just a bug!!”… If I initially blame the texture loading on bugs, they will tell me to buy a new hard drive… It’s like this with everything rofl. Now I just blame all of the bugs on my own hardware, or incompetence, and because they want to argue with me first, and rationalize second, they acknowledge the bugs. I don’t know why people behave this way.

I haven’t recommended this game to any of my friends, and it’s strange because aside from the bugs, it’s one of my favorite games. I don’t think it’s just bugs though. I think there’s a balance issue with this game with all mechanics, where you’re either too strong, or too weak. Too rich or too poor. There’s no balance of anything. It’s not very planned out. This game was a great idea, it was just poorly executed. Sorry if that hurts Warhorses feelings. It’s the truth.


This is a single player game. there doesn’t need to be that much balance. The player is the balance, if you feel like you are too strong, how agout you don’t wear the best equipment. Feel like your too weak? Get better equipment or get better at the combat. Too easy to get money, how about you don’t loot/steal everything that you lay your eyes on.
The game seems pretty balanced to me, sometimes I can defeat enemies easily, other times I get destroyed. Obviously it is not perfect in the balance department, but there will always be someone complaining that the game is inbalanced in some way, game balance is a losing battle for all developers.


No, that’s just it. You’re explaining my experience exactly. You either destroy enemies, or you get destroyed. That’s what I mean by balance issue. That happens to me , ALL THE TIME. I have never engaged in a fight that lasts longer than 30 seconds. Either I get wrecked, or I’m flat-lining people in 1 hit. Because you don’t know what to expect, your only option is to be prepared. If you are prepared, you are a god in this game. That’s a balance issue. I shouldn’t have to nerf myself to have a good time. And if I nerf myself, how do I know I’m not under prepared for the next challenge? I’m not a mind reader.

This is a massive flaw with this game, especially if you’re somebody who prefers to be prepared for uncertainty. If you prepare for the unknown, the game doesn’t have an answer for you. The game expects you to be incompetent, which results in endless suffering. So there’s no middle ground. It’s not balanced. I don’t have this problem with most other games.