Show us your henry


This is me. 2nd playthrough.
Before limpy lubosh.
80 hours in.


Just became Master Huntsman of Talmberg and I gotta tell you, it feels good


Aachen brig. chausses
Aachen green brig. armor
Decorated green arm. doublet
Black scarf
Golden spurs
Leather boots & gloves
Magdeburg plate pauld.
Nobles mail coll.
Signet ring
Red hose
WH gambeson chausses
(no helmets or coifs, just to keeps things interesting)

Longinus’ sword
Yew longbow
Better piercing arrow


Nothing fancy, just be honored that a knight such as me would take an interest in you.


the ony thing u cant see is red noble hood, the sword i have is stinger


Hey! Henry’s come to see us! Where did he go?


looking good!


I would but I’d prob get banned :joy::joy::joy:


A fighting set


I would have done this… had Henry in Radzig’s Hood, the Black Pourpoint (which is red with ghost fluer de lis on it), red noble pants, red pointed hat… he was straight up pimping… then the game crashed on me last night. :frowning:


“Hey! Henry came to visit us!” “Who was that?” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will post my new setups tonight
Fighting henry
Sneaking henry
Forest henry
Out in town henry


Ash longbow
Better piercing arrows
Cuman metal shield
Black chaperon
Black scarf
BriBrigandine pauldrons
Buttoned red cotehardie
Cuman spurs
Decorated black hose
Decorated riding boots
Hunters gloves
Long linen shirt
Magdeburg cuirass
Padded chausses
Reinforced mail collar
Signet ring


Sneak henry
Dark padded coif
Dark saxon gambeson
Decorared black hose
Hunters gloves
Silent shoes


Out in town Henry
Cuman spurs
Decorated black hose
Hunters gloves
Noblemans boots
Signet ring
Yellow chaperon
Yellow combat jupon


No helmet in a fighting set? You took a fashion advice from Runt? :wink: :smiley:


Me neither. My henry is fearless because of his ptsd


I’m not as shitty a fighter as Runt :point_right:t2::point_right:t2:


Oooohh shots fired!!


I’ve got another fighting set I like better on my other file…that one wears a blue merchant hat :wink: