Sinew Bow Missing?


I have enjoyed most of the game, but I am very disappointed by From the Ashes DL

I feel that it has too little gameplay and content, but what really grips me is that you DON’T get what you PAID for.

Some of the buildings give you special equipment. Such a swords, horses a shield. Yet where the heck is the Sinew Bow?

I’ve built the Guard House and the Armoursmith. I have also built the Shooting range.

Yet the Archery Master does NOT give the SPEECH OPTION to BUY the BOW.

I’ve read loads of posts about this on various forums, yet I have NOT read any from the DEVS about this.

FFS fellas we’ve paid for this content and you want our future money for further content.


Is this yet another games developer who is only interested in sales and does not give a toss about it’s customers?


FFS even when you mug the Archery Master he only has a Yew Longbow. He’s supposed to sell the new Bow, at least let him f/ing well carry one lol


It’s bugged. He currently doesn’t sell anything. You can try picking the lock in the guardhouse that houses his inventory. It is there, or was, in a previous patch.

If you’re on PC then you can use the cheat mod to give it to yourself.


if It doesn’t end up in your inventory as invisible. The whole DLC IMO is a mess.


Thanks for the reply, but I have picked the locks on both the trunks in the Guardroom store house, but they are both empty.
I am not sure what you mean by"the cheat mod" I have not used any mods on this game.

Again, I see fans and customers trying to help each other out. Again the devs remain silent


Google “cheat mod” and it’s the first result.


Thanks for this info, but I’m trying to complete this game in vanilla. It’s a shame though that one has to resort to cheat mods in order to get what the devs should provide.

It really highlights how bad the devs are in fixing issues. This simple fix is just a bit of coding, as the mod shows, they copul re-instate the Archery Master as a tradr or place the bow in the crates in the guardroom store house.
All the devs have to do is put out a hotfix. ffs there’s enough posts about this issue, most games that I have played regularly do hotfixes, so there should be no problem there

I suspect that the devs can’t even be assed to read their own forums.


too busy twittering to get good PR than come here a just more often I don’t mean the Moderators or the Community Manager.


This sucks, now even the tournament won’t progress beyond the second bout. I just get a
n endless blackm screen loader.
They have an f ing cheek asking for votes when t
hey don’t give a crap about those who give them money


I am on my 4th tourney and I have different bugs. I do get a longish black screen (15+/- secomds) but if hunting swords and shields are announced/ selected the bout starts without said items. When the fight starts only shields are at hand. Also 48% chance the opponent is in his undies.
I ticketed this and actually got a response! Unlike my last 2. to paraphrase " ya we are aware and working on a fix" How did this get past QC checks?
am on PC BTW


what a god awfull let down, im on pc playing hardcore and finally got everything ready to pick up this bow but nope, not even in 2019 does this work.

yeah sure i can cheat the item in but thats not the issue, why is this still an issue? its the cherry on the cake for archers and now you cant get it? lmfao

Well done!!!


It’s the same patch as last year. Why would it start working? It’s on the list of things to fix. It’s a long list.


I was one of the main guys pestering them on here and mainly Twitter about a stronger bow, Like I said in a another post. I purchased this DLC day one and finally had some vacation time grind money for the buildings, I finally got enough cash to build everything up to finishing the Improved Guardhouse, The Archer Master has no trader dialog and both chest are empty in the actual guard house. I asked both the owner and warhorse on here and twitter…They ignored me…


I’m pretty sure in one of the threads regarding the bow, dev’s are aware and will be making the Archery Master function as a vendor again in a patch later this month.

I wish they would as well expand upon From Ashes and allow us to further build Pribyslavitz like adding a bath house or being able to have both a Guard House and Stable. Even complete the town seems very small, even if all buildings took a nerf to profits as once the town is restored even with minimal unique inhabitants the town makes like 2K a day.


U can have the Guard house and Stable together right?


No its either one or the other.


Dang it, I heard this DLC has the best horse. Hopefully the Blacksmsith has the best Sword, Is it a shortsword?


The Horse is comparable to the best horses already available in game. Once the Archery Master is fixed their is virtually no reason to make the Stable.

Tusk is the sword, and its a Longsword.

Stat wise it has similar stats to St. Michael’s Longsword, sitting at 58/58 for Stab/Slash but has a very unique and low stat requirement of 1 Agility. Making it very easy to use early on, that being said if you get to Pribyslavitz and can rebuild the town and already have the ability to use any other Longsword with over 58/58 your better off going for the Armor Smith as the reward for that is the defacto best shield in the game.


So if I build the Stable, The Master Archer still spawns without building the Guardhouse?


No you have to build the Guard House to upgrade it so you have an Archery Master.