Sinew Bow Missing?

I’ve been gone from the game for a few months and still no f ing bow??? I HAVE the GUARDHOUSE. I HAVE the MASTER BOWMAN, I DON’T HAVE THE BOW. How LONG will it take to FIX THIS???

Im getting tired of waiting on them to fix this simple bug i just want the content i pay for its been a year. Maybe we need to start holding studios accountable maybe it take law suits to get companies to listen

I’m over it, still love the game and in hindsight you’ll probably see too that the Sinew Long Bow is pretty much insignificantly better than the Yew which was already OP (one hitting most targets with a single body shot with Improved Piercing Arrows). Your essentially not missing anything not having the Sinew Long Bow, while it sucks we can’t obtain it don’t let it dictate how you feel regarding the rest of the game. (I’ve played Kingdom Come Deliverance for close to 400 hours now)

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I paid for this DLC to get the best bow and it is missing with no option to buy it, are you kidding me? It was first reported in Novemeber and here we are 6 months later.

Been away for several months. waited until 3 DLC came out and 1.91 dropped. picked up a game that was before them and built the village and got the archery master. This time I could buy the the bow, BUT i cannot use it! is it and stays grey. I have 20 str and abli BTW. still not fixed after all this time? I do use s few mods, will have to try without.

Bow is fixed,… MODs are your problem…

I disabled all mods, my Sinew Bow is invisible and unusable…