Stealth kills are broken


I have trouble with the stealthkills myself, I can enter a cumen/bandit camp and all but one will be sleeping, I stealth kill the one that’s awake sitting at the fire, and all four sleepers will wake right away even if there was no discernible noise. Oddly it’s easier to actually poison the food at the fire (and get away without arousing attention) while standing behind the awake guy who is right at the food than it is to stealth kill him and get away with it. :joy:

I’m sure it’s not meant to be “easy” so you can’t just kill every sleeping enemy in ten seconds (no challenge) but it’s weird that they all wake up so easily at once. Not even just one waking up and yelling for the others to get up, they all simultaneously wake, lol.

Only way I can really find a use for stealtkill is if the enemy wanders far out of the camp. Every camp I’ve encountered, I’ve entirely poisoned to death because stealth killing isn’t really in my favour when they all wake and you end up with four against one, lol (and at least three sleep in their complete set of armour!) :joy:


You were heard by the other guy because your stealth was probably not high. My noise was 0 and I still got heard the first time knocking the guard out. It’s a little more difficult, maybe because it is quest related.


My whole playthrough has been a deep stealth build. There’s a pattern to clearing out cuman/bandit camps, and I’ve done it now on dozens. The outlier guards you can stealth kill with ease. Usually I shoot an arrow into the camp and they wake up. They will start patrolling. You can pick them off one by one with ease. People make it harder than it has to be with stealth killing. No, you’re not going to kill the whole camp by holding F. You have to be creative, as in real life.


that may be it, it wasnt terrible but i wasnt necessarily a stealth character. Got my visibility to about 28 conspic to like 27/28 and noise was 0 so not all that impressive, including that I wasnt probably super high stealth. Doesnt matter to me really, the mission still worked out, kinda lol


Obviously spoken by somebody who has never stuck a real knife in a real person.

This game tries to be real. In real life, there is no such thing as a silent kill. There is always a fair amount of noise (and usually no instant death), easily noticeable to anybody in the same room and likely in the next room as well. Or a fair distance away outdoors, especially if there’s little ambient noise.

Stealth is for sneaking up on this one target, so you can deliver a lethal, surprise attack. The purpose for delivering a lethal, surprise attack is that it’s about the only way you can reasonably expect to come out of a knife fight unscathed. If you give the other guy any chance to fight back, you’ll almost certainly end up with a nasty cut or stab even if you win (and you might not win). You can’t block every attack and even those you block will likely cut your arm badly. So you always want to “stealth kill” your opponent even if there’s not another soul for miles around. It’s simple self-preservation.

“Stealth kills” are NOT for moving through a darkened building like the Angel of Death, silently slaughtering roomfuls of sleeping people. That’s pure hollywood and legend. You always make noise doing it, and this noise sounds exactly like what’s causing it: extreme violence. This is immediately recognizable to most folks due to millennia of evolution, and especially to those with any military experience, like guards, who have likely done it themselves often enough.

So, really and truly, if you do a “Stealth kill” in a room with anybody else in it, awake or asleep, you’r busted. There’s a good chance folks rather farther away will hear it, too. Think about how far away you can hear somebody drop a cardboard box across your house, or hear the kick of a soccer ball across a crowd of screaming fans. And once one guard hears the unmistakable sounds of violence, he’ll raise the alarm and the rest will come running.

That is what you should expect from a game that tries hard to be realistic. If you’re expecting something else, you’ve played too many fantasy games. Because it’s pure fantasy to expect anything resembling instant, silent kills.


100% agree, But also agree with saying it is OP. I think it should really rely on you killing someone an remaining unnoticed should depend on Stealth Level and Noise. So if you have crap stealth and noisy, You should be noticed, But if you have very high stealth and so on, You should be able to get away with it. Killing someone silently should have a chance timer, Like pickpocketing… Some time it works and sometimes it does not, The lower the skill, the higher chance you get caught, The higher the skill, The less chance you get caught…But nothing is 100% for sure. I hope they change it to this.


It. Doesn’t. Work. That. Way.

You have only 2 hands. 1 is used to position the “sweet spot” of the enemy so you can’t miss it in the dark and maybe stab yourself instead (at least if you practice enough), and also provide backup pressure on that area so your strike’s impact all goes into penetration instead of just pushing the enemy away. The other is used to deliver the blow. This means you can’t control other parts of the target’s body. You can often control weapons slung on the enemy’s back or shoulder because you pin them between your chest and his back. But if he’s holding something in his hands, he’s going to drop it (KLANK!). And his legs are free to kick and thrash, which they ALWAYS do even if he’s clinically dead before he hits the ground. Heels drumming on a wooden floor even without kicking over any furniture, make LOTS of noise, as do feet thrashing the underbrush.,

If you go through the skull or ribcage, you have to penetrate bone that evolution specifically designed as armor for the important things beneath. There is no way to do that without hitting hard, and hitting hard enough to do the job unavoidably makes significant impact noise. There’s no way to muffle this. If you stab down through the base of the throat, that more often than not causes some sort of exhalation sound from the enemy (even just the “OOF” of sucker-punching somebody in the guts) , and then he’ll gurgle and blow bloody bubbles for a while (even once unconscious from lack of blood to the brain), and such noises can be QUITE loud as he’s full of adrenaline now and trying his best to scream even though no air can reach his vocal cords (if you did it right) and it’s all coming out the “tracheotomy” you just gave him.


But most of these Bandit is 50 sheets to the wind drunk, Most drunk people will not even wake if a book was slammed on the floor. I get what you are saying, But they need to give a little bit.


Just gotta get your Stealth higher…killed about 7 people before I got caught and they were sleeping literally right next to each other and I did a knockout not a kill, probably still would woke up. If I can do this and not get caught, granted this is in Neuhof which has a low population (perfect for practicing) you can kill people too. Gotta get that Stealth up and get some sneaky/quiet clothes!


Just gotta make sure you’re not in like of sight or right next to someone.


Stabbing someone in the heart would kill you instantly so would being stabbed in the temple or back of the head. The neck you wouldn’t die instantly no you would bleed to death but would pass out after loss of blood after maybe a minute or 3 max. As someone who has been trained in the military I know how it works. And like I stated whole families have been killed in their sleep with none hearing anything. Also a dagger is being used which is pointed at the end made for penatraing and parting ribs. And if you look through history a tactic used by the ffa (French foreign legion) used to kill every other German solider in a camp as they sleeped. The gurkahs killed a entire Japanese patrol using only their kukri. Then please tell me how you can’t kill someone quietly.


This is a 15th century peasant turned wannabe knight, not a trained assaasin. No, you won’t be killing whole “families in their sleep.” Just doesn’t work that way. Stealth is fine. Complaining about a tweak youd like to see about stealth is one thing, whining about not being able to kill an entire village bc you think you’re “leet knightxxx” and it’s realistic is another.


There was a console gamer on here who claimed they left their console on. For nearly a day. Because real life invaded the KCD universe and he couldn’t bed save and was out of potions. This almost beat what that guy accomplished. Almost. :joy:


Know what’s worse than not being able to find a bed to save, or KCD bugs? It’s your Sarsour avatar :smile:

Seriously, that broad scares me :anguished:


I know. And it’s not even Halloween yet!

Creeps my subconscious out more than Pennywise ever could. But while the latter IT isn’t real, the former most definitely is. Consequently the need for a Patronous charm :stuck_out_tongue:


But have you ever actually DONE it? Had your instructors? It’s 1 thing to teach the techniques, it’s another to deal with the actual results, and unless you’ve been there at least as a witness, you have no idea what really goes on.

There are 2 ways to the heart: through the ribs or down the throat. If you go through the ribs, you’ll find that the chest cavity is like a drum, a hollow cylinder full of air. Hitting this hard enough to penetrate the ribs and intercostal cartilage makes a highly noticeable THUMP (as does stabbing into the skull). You can’t feel around on the victim to find a gap in the ribs, and the gaps are full of tough cartilage anyway, so even with a sharp point you still have to hit hard to get in deep enough, through whatever stands in the way at the random point of impact. Then your fist slams into the guy’s chest making the “drum” thump. Going through the ribs also means the blow compresses the chest in the way it naturally flexes, so you push some air out besides making the drum sound. Because your knife is blocking the hole it made coming in, most of this air takes the path of least resistance and goes up the throat past the vocal cords. So you also get a fairly noticeable “OOF” from the victim.

The other way to the heart is down through the base of the throat. This avoids the chgest drumming and chest compression but can only be done if the victim’s chin is out of the way. This really isn’t possible against sleepers–the victim has to be standing up. So you basically must tackle him from behind, snatch his head back over your shoulder to expose his throat, then stab. This “tackle” makes the usual scuffling sounds and it lasts 1/2 a second or so before you strike, which is enough time for the victim to start to scream. And it’s quite difficult in practice totally to seal off both the mouth and nose during this quick, blind grab, so usually there’s at least some muffled cry of surprise.

Either way, you’ve killed the guy, but it isn’t instant. There’s still a second or 2 of adrenaline-fueled consciousness before his lights go out. During this time, he will thrash and try to scream, which makes a varying amount of noise depending on what’s around for him to kick, whether or not his vocal cords still work, and how much air he can gurgle out the hole. And if he was holding something, he’s going to drop it somewhere in this process.

I had a great uncle in the Foreign Legion in WW1 myself, and he told the same story about killing 1 guy so the other would wake up to find him. He also said this was BS. They killed everybody, naturally enough, because that was there job. They only told these stories to build their reputation with both friend and foe.

There ain’t no silent kills. Stories otherwise are legend and Hollywood.


Didn’t say about going on a killing rampage in a village I just sayed a a camp of people shouldn’t wake up when you kill the one who’s on guard. And 8f your stealth is high enough you basically can be a assassin I’d that’s your play style.


Being in the military, I happen to be an expert assassin…gtfo :joy:


even if what you’re saying is true, which it may be, that person is an expert…Henry is a 20something, and in his day and his life that is a child, who is a blacksmith, barely. The kid has no responsibility and no skill what so ever…until like late late game. I, granted it was in Neuhof which isn’t heavily populated, killed like 7 people in there sleep, one guard who was standing there and another on patrol who I ran like 100 feet, jumped off a pile of dirt over a fence, took the crouch position, full speed moved up behind him and stealth killed him…

stealth is a thing in this game…killing someone who is sleeping right next to someone else is not. Kill them, and either loot quick or leave the area, monitor the situation and when it is clear go loot…just don’t be stupid about it.


the only times I get busted stealth killing is if two people are sleeping right next to each other, idk if I’ll ever get high enough level to do that, or if I’m wearing armor/my noise and other details are too high. Get some decent clothing for stealth, get a good enough level and you can ninja areas if you just be careful. NPCs have a good line of sight and some times it is hard to get them out of the spot they’re standing in or get them off their path they’re walking but all NPCs have a schedule and all NPCs sleep eventually, so if you want to kill someone it is best to stalk them and watch their routine…like you would have to do in real life