Stealth kills are broken


Didn’t say it makes me a expert assain you cretain. I said that by time Henry’s stealth is high he basically is a assain if that’s how you play.


Why you got to try and be clever? This is a game… and in this game you stealth kill someone and they are instantly dead. Somewhere you have draw the line for realism in a game so here in kcd the higher your stealth the higher chance of making a silent kill even if someone is asleep in the next bed, makes sense right? The whole point of this game is that you can train train train and eventually become a master of your chosen craft. 20 lockpicking? You can open the hardest locks in bohemia… 20 stealth? You can crouch about unheard like a ninja or stealth kill like your an assassin from creed. This isnt irl its a game! Yes it trys to be ‘realistic’ in a sense but there isnt an rpg game out there thats 100% realistic. Please leave your irl in depth knowledge of stabbing people with daggers at home


He’s not clever. How do you reach the heart through the neck? If they are laying down or even standing. I know a getting stabbed in the heart kills instantly. How I know doesn’t really matter but I do. But yeah it’s a game which which i get which is why I give some some room for things to be abit unrealistic. Bit when it says stealth kill that’s what it should be.


Have you never butchered a hog or field-dressed a deer, let alone “stealth-killed” an actual person? Geez…

Examine any human skeleton hanging in a doctor’s office near you. You will observe that, at the top the ribcage, there’s a significant gap between the top edge of the sternum, the upper ribs, and the spinal column. And just a few inches below this opening lies the heart, on top of which is the aorta and the sources of all major arteries. And the trachea runs through this area, too.

Daggers were designed with blades long enough to reach the heart by this path despite their crossguards stopping further penetration when your fist hits the victim. That’s why they were called “misericordes”. But the direction of the strike required is essentially parallel to the spine, which means you need space above for the long blade plus its hilt where you fist is, plus enough extra space to gather momentum for the strike. Which is only possible if the victim’s chin is pulled back out of the way. Once you’re in, you twist the dagger around to make a proper hash out of everything it touches: heart, aorta, major arteries, and trachea.


As i said before its a game and in this game you can clearly see them visually dying straight away with no struggle so there is no need to tell us your expertise in killing stuff because it doesnt relate to this.


I have killed almost everything that has walked or crawled at some stage.
I like some killing after my breakfast, some chilling after lunch. Then a spot of killing after dinner time. Sometimes I’m killing my dinner.

Gutting, blade butting, busting nutting, strutting .

A kill a day keeps the bordum away.

I eat my kills sometimes. With Seasoning of course.


Once my stealth was up a bit, my stealth kills make less noise. It’s still noisy stabbing through chain mail so you may want to target someone who has some distance from their fellows.

Like all things, things get easier as your skill improves, but yeah, the stealth can use some tweaking.


keep in mind the noise you hear may not be the noise everyone else hears, which needs to be fixed. What I mean is my noise is at 0 and I wear no metal, just tights and a gambeson…yet I still hear clanking. So pay more attention to your visual surroundings and your character stats then what you hear when you move around or when you kill someone.


to be safe, never try to kill someone who is sleeping right next to someone else. I’ve literally killed someone who had someone sleeping in the next room, door closed, no problem…in the same room they always wake up. My stealth skill is definitely not 20 but I’m good at stealth…if you saw my video I posted above. Most important to me is make sure I’m not in line of sight of anyone ( if I can see their face I assume they can see me, even if I’m peeking through a crack in the wall or a bush or something) and make sure no one is within like 10 feet of my target, except maybe in a house with doors closed.


Well I stealth knocked out Margaret with some random sleeping next to her and he never woke up… So, Im kinda confused with all of it right now. It seems Bandits would not wake up as easy because they would be drunk right?


the bandits even wake up immediately and rush to you if you put something in their food. tried to be clever once, killed the patrolling one stealthy cca 20m off the camp. then got an idea to kill other 4 sleeping by adding some poison in their food - they immediately woke up and started to chase me - clearly broken, poorly implemented or not completed functionality imho.


Or your stealth sucks. Did you try putting out the fire before adding the poison? That sometimes helps.


I have not had that happen yet with the poison, I poison almost all the camps. They might of been out scouting


Lol, I just noticed that feature the other day about putting fires out. Pretty neat.


I had a few problems with Stealth, Stealth kills or Knock Outs do not work on Bandits, Their buddies hear it 95% of the time even if they are a few yards away. Also another thing that just happened that made me want to post.

I went to a camp that had around 8-9 Bandits, I waited for one to walk at least a 100 yards away and I stealth shot him in the head and instantly killed him, Well if I go sneaking up to the dead body to loot…No, But here comes the entire camp to his dead body…Wtf gives, They need to rework stealth. It is clearly broken. Btw, I have the forest perk and Im 20 in stealth and 19 in Bow with the strongest bow.


Of course I did, my equipment stats “0 noise” and i already killed the patrolling guards. Every time, the camp wakes up as soon as I drop poison into their pot. Tried multiple times.


if you have 0 noise you probably aren’t dressed like a Cuman. If you are trying to get into Pribyslavitz and weren’t invited by Morcock or aren’t dressed as a Cuman that is probably why you’re having problems.


Not talking about quest. Regular “camp clearing job” assigned by Bernard… And those bandits are asleep - they have no idea what I’m wearing :wink:


oh gotcha, I though you were talking about sabotaging Pribyslavitz…which I think is bugged anyway cuz I poisoned a pot and burned 4 arrow barrels and failed to sabotage them lol…unless you have to do it without being chased out of the camp, cuz they definitely all saw me and chased me out the second time through lol


Bullethead, why do you insist on spouting nonsense?

First of all, most people sleep very soundly, it takes a lot to wake most people from sleep. This of course varies from person to person, and what sleep phase they are in, but in general it does take quite loud noises to wake people. I am personally one of the few excaption, I wake up from very small noises, but I know from experience that I am in the extreme minority with this.

Second, htting someone with a fist or a knife makes very little sound. Movies exaggerate this sound for the dramatic effect, but in reality it is virtually silent, you are not going to wake up (almost) anyone by the sound of hitting someone with either fist or knife (if the victim is wearing plate, this is obviously different).

Third, a strike to the heart does not instantly kill anyone, so a strike to the heart is not reequired for stealth kill, in fact it would be a very stupid approach. The only way to instanly kill anyone is by striking the brain or brainstem, which is (relatively) easy on someone that sleeps. In return, the victim is NOT going to thrash or scream or anything, it will be over in an instant with no one the wiser. It will take training, yes, but once you know how, there is very little to stop you.

An alternative would be cutting the throat - it doesn’t work as instantly, but the victim cannot scream. He may thrash a bit, yes, but that is hardly guaranteed to wake someone.

Finally, as has been pointed out, history is full of examples of people being killed stealthily without anyone nearby noticing.