Still waiting for my key/release


The wait is real but I need to get my key can’t even link my steam account to my profile nothing shows up sigh

Pořád ještě nemám steam key

I’ts probably going to be allright later today
I had problems too, after trying several times it worked somehow… but thats not how it should be.
I just got info from community manager that it should be fine this evening… hope everything works out well.


some people could solve it after using a standard browser like IE

I read some had problemes with crome or firefox.


I tried it on Firefox, IE and chrome nothing on my profile. :frowning: besides my address and email.


I did it with my mobile yust login on and then i press on link account and it works


I tried that too same thing over and over just the profile showing email and adress it’s upsetting because I want to play :’( and support hasn’t responded


Are you looking at the forum profile or the main page profile? (Sorry, no other possible problem comes to mind)


I’m having the same problem. I’ve checked multiple times and there isn’t a key on my profile. I did play in the beta and submitted a ticket request, but the lack of information is frustrating.


Gonna write another ticket best of luck to you.


I wrote a message to support.

what makes me mad is us backers of 4 years cant install our game yet (im on xbox fyi) while those who preordered the game on xbox store already have it installed!


same here…


I wonder… do all of you, who are still missing the key, have a physical edition as a pledge? For some reason most of the issues we see around are tied to the physical ones.


Yup backer of 3 years no special treatment for us :expressionless:


My copy is the “Digital Baron” so the physical thing isn’t an issue.


same as Beer4thebeergod


I have the physical Baron tier. Backed the game on Kickstarter and later upgraded my pledge to the Baron tier.


Imagine if they responded to us about this :thinking: I lack patience already waited years!


Hm, seems like the release has its own share of problems.

But for 4 years have we kept faith with the game. A day may come, when our faith fails. But that day is not today.

It is the first Warhorse release and all the little bugs and glitches in the delivery system will surface now. Let’s believe in the company and give them space to sort out everything.

I do not envy them the next few days. The fact is that even if only 200 000 people buy the game and play it on average for 2 hours, they will do far more testing in that first day than the entire Warhorse team could do in an entire year. They will be swarmed.


No key or Steam link to Baron digital either.

Already sent a ticket, however the response was that connecting the account is not available yet. That’s weird given the Steam preload is already on for many backers.


Am I wrong or do all of us with missing Steam keys have a Baron tier?