Still waiting for my key/release


Well, we can do a roll call. The more information we give devs the easier ti might be to find the problem.

Viscount Digital Collectors Edition
PC Windows
No problems encountered whatsoever


Been at them since thursday/friday and still have no key or tracking number.


Digital baron.


It might be the case.

Btw. I’ve just noticed I have pledged for Knight tier back in 2014. Dunno why my profile shows BARON TIER DIGITAL (Special Edition).


Digital baron, dlc key no game key


Didn’t you choose to update from physical to digital? Some time ago they had an offer that would bump you up in ranks if you switched.


have viscount digital tier, i have the poster download but no game link or key…


Did you link your account with steam when it became available by any chance? Then it adds KC:D directly into your steam library without having to redeem any codes.


I can’t link anything I don’t have anything to press


I have viscount digital, too
did you choose your platform like 2 months ago when they asked about it?
They sent an email to all backers
But I thought if you didnt choose one they would automatically set PC version for you
did you contact warhorse staff? @DrFusselpulli might be able to help you


I choose my platform , I contact support Saturday and Sunday , and I want pc version …


did you only write an email? They have a lot of email coming in atm
sometimes @DrFusselpulli is the better choice.
I wonder why your badge shows baron while you said you are viscount


Same thing happening with me. Im a Knight backer. Cant connect my steam profile to my account(no option to do so)My platform on my profile is blank. Sent an email for support on saturday and still no response.


I don’t remember doing any upgrading since I’ve pledged for the digital (Knight) tier.


I upgraded with the Go Green promotion ( they changed my baron physical tier for a viscount digital tier )


Thanks for the tip, I’ve just sent him a PM. However, they are currently having a release party, so no big hopes.


Ok, I’m sure they can fix it for you when they have the time to answer
tomorrow you can expect an answer from Fusselpulli
you too @Ohmsquare


–Double post–


Same here, baron digital with blank version and nothing to choose from.


contact @DrFusselpulli and/or