Still waiting for my key/release


Did this and 0 answer …


they will answer they just have too many mails/messages atm


I emailed them Saturday , Sunday and today(Monday) and can’t have any help , we are a bunch of people on other discussion that they don’t have anything on their profile page and they all tried to reach support…


they probably get thousands of mails I cant help in any other way then giving contact data


Well its wait and see for now I guess.


I also think its pretty poor , it will be 13th here in the uk in a couple of minutes. I am a backer , xbox and i have no game code, its grinds my gears a little bit that non backers have access to the game and console backers do not , but the real issue for me is i have seen a variety of messages/excuses from twitter saying its a mistake through to support saying the key will be with you soon.
I think there is a problem, i just wish they would provide us with some proper support and explain whats going on.
Yup i know a bit of a rant, but not all unjustified


That’s rough. I bought the game last week - all linked and preloaded already.


And for some of us , we backed 4 years ago and can’t have any key…


Same here, backer for four years. Pretty shocked to hear people who bought it last week are playing right now.


Yep, Baron Digital here as well - no key, no option to link steam profile, just blank field under ‘Your Platform:’ Pretty devo at the moment as we were the OG backers :frowning:


I know right. It could be worse, you could be a Star Citizen backer. JK. But i’m getting tired of being shafted over this game.


Baron Digital here, and I had a rectangular button to link to a steam profile on the page:

was using IE11 as a browser


So is it now linked? Did it add KC:D into your steam library?


Nothing for me :frowning:


Nothing for me either, even trying with IE11


I tried IE11, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and none of them have anything. I checked my Steam account to see if it indicated I purchased it under the store page. I reset Steam, left a support ticket, posted here, and mentioned them on twitter. I have exhausted all reasonable options and still do not have any way to link the game to my account or pre-load it in any way.

This is incredibly frustrating.


Guess it seems more likely every second that i will not be able to play the game when it’s released. :frowning:


Same here, I tried everything


I can link it to my steam but look like it try to log on my steam from an other browser or something.
Why is that is it safe?


It should be. Is it like a new window popping up?