Still waiting for my key/release


I did it and i got the game linked. I can preload the game.


Great! Now we just need to wait 6 more hours and Bohemia awaits!


Hahaha :slight_smile: I waited very long for this i can wait to play tomorow… any way i got to sleep working :slight_smile:


It says linked to my steam account, did that awhile ago. Still nothing in my steam account but the beta.


Viscount tier here and no Xbox code, it’s now 2am here


I kinda wish instead of backing I’d just pre-ordered last night, then at least I’d be able to play upon release :confused:


Yeah. Non-Backers could also choose between GOG and Steam which we couldn’t. And now we won’t be able to play the game on release. Very disappointing …


8 am and no game key


7am and no key :stuck_out_tongue:

No Key steam on profile?

0900 MEZ and nothing


I also havent received my steam key yet, constantly refreshing my “profile” on the website.


The lack of communication is really frustrating. I understand it’s a very busy moment for them. But they acould at least acknownledge the problem


So anyone got the key or link yet? Still nothing on my side.


Nothing for me too :expressionless:


Well, there might be some mistake of course, but there are no keys at all.

If you are digital backer, you should see the Steam login button though.

Please be sure you dont have two profiles setup, for instance one with KS email and second one with newer email.
Also check your KS profile, that you actually pledged, sometime we found out, that unfortunately in 2014 the payment on Kickstarter dindt go through.

If nothing helps, please contact us:
support at kingdomcomerpg dot com


I am a digital Backer and my Kickstarter payment definitely went through, but there is neither a Steam button nor a plattform choice in my case. I contacted support, but there was no reply yet. I do understand that on release day there’s probably a lot of support requests, but I have to honestly say i feel let down.


I think it’s some bug on your side. Here is what I see on my profile:
My Profile   Kingdom Come  Deliverance

More people on this thread have this problem, there is no platform and no Steam login link.


All i see on my profile is my adress email and username nothing on my kick starter profile either.

  • No Steam login button on my profile.
  • I tried various browers on different computers.
  • I sent email to your support staff to no avail.
  • My kickstarter email is the same as the one on my KCD profile.
  • My payment back in 2014 went definitely through and I have a bank account statement to support it.
  • It really looks like the issue is on your side.


The issue is definitely on your side - same as everyone else here, cannot even see my selected platform, let alone an option to steamlink. We’ve all tried various browsers, refreshes, emailing and good old-fashioned patience. Please just let us know you are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it