Still waiting for my key/release


Thats the whole point, there is NONE! We dont need some smart advice, all who face that very same Bug know how it should be, why are some always think the people who have that issue are technically retards, we are not and most contacted Support twice. No answer. Very bad communication since this Problem seems to be among not only some Players


Seems like you logged in too late (last two weeks approx), so there is no option to choose the platform and thus no Steam login. We will add PC to your profiles, it should help.

No steam key, No steam link button on profile, Kickstarter backer

Seems you are refunded.


Thank you very much! I’ll be waiting


I was finally able to link my steam account! Thank you very much again! @WH_JiriRydl . Downloading the game right now.


Now I see the PC platform , Steam is linked and the game is downloading! Thank you so much!


I don’t have that luck :frowning:


Same here. :slight_smile: Thanks


When was this refund?


Backer from Ireland since 2014, sill no game. Looking forward to playing…


Thanks for your help, Jiří. It seems it’s working now.





Thank You JiriRydl, I was able to activate my game now :slight_smile:
Maybe, in order to save some time, you could tell the Mail and Facebook Support Team to ignore my mails, since now it’s fixed?
Good Luck, have fun everyone. I hope you get to play this gem soon.

As kickstater i do not see my game on steam

I don’t have link or key on my profile , I have already choose pc …


I backed it and I don’t even fucking see ANYTHING in my profile!



Hi, same issue here.
Backed back on 2015, and tested the beta, but actually, i have no access to the released game.

can you help me?



we have to wait …


this is not fair, man…


I know, if you backed the game 4 years ago we dont care about you but if you just buy it on steam its ok…

thats how i feel right now but change the we dont care by we f***** you…


What to expect, I feel like in a xv century release…