Still waiting for my key/release


I have a message in my profile on site :
Game added to Steam profile
Soundtrack added to Steam profile
Artbook added to Steam profile

but no steam button and nothing appeared on my Steam account
I only have the game in Beta version


I did not receive nothing


at least you have something ¯_(ツ)_/¯

just kidding this sucks…


I have this exact same problem and checked this morning.


I received the PC collector’s Edition in the mail but I requested PS4 digital and still have no key on my profile


Contact our support, please.


we already contact support since saturday… i tried on forum, warhorse support, facebook and no answer…


I did a couple times and haven’t had a response and now it’s already release day and nobody has helped. Feels a bit bad being a backer right now and not getting to play.


i just got it!


same here physical copy next to my computer but no key or link to steam


Yeah same problem for me


I can see everything in your profile, can you DM me, please?


I did. Two days ago. No response.


Yeah! this is good news for everybody, this means they are working on it


at least, PM @WH_JiriRydl for help


Exact same issue its been registered to my steam but no game on my steam and no button to go to steam on my profile. Very disappointing that i called in to work sick for this.


Thank you, someone was reading my post. Steam icon just appeared, linked to steam and downloading now.


Sadly I wish I could see much progress. I’ve been so exited to play. And now I’m reduced to endless waiting and waiting. . .


as of now I do not see any Steam icon or link on my profil page under “” and I don’t own the game on steam (I am a Kickstarter baker)


what if you use this link?