Still waiting for my key/release


Same here :frowning:


I see the page which explains the rewards but I only see a link to my profile page there. No steam key or something like that. Maybe I am too stupid for this :smiley:


log out from your profile and then login again
if still dont see a code or button write pm to @WH_JiriRydl


Got mine thanks


this is how my profile page looks like. No Steam link (I censored my address there with another window…)
(I also disabled any addblocker if this could cause any problems)


Mine is exactly the same, although i have my beta in Steam


I am having the same issues, I have reached out to support, messaged them on facebook and have DMed some people.


Same here… hope we get the steam key soon…


I have the same problem. I have the Digital Baron version but my selected Platform(PC) does not show up in my profile anymore, also no button to link the profile to Steam, tried different browsers and everything. Hope i can get some help.

No steam key, No steam link button on profile, Kickstarter backer

Some of you have no pledge at all, I can help with that. Dig in your emails for confirmation and contact support, pls.


Hey JiriRydl, could you help me out as well?


Profile updated.


You are a saint, thank you so much


Hi there, i guess i could need some help with the missing Steam activation button, too, please.


What about us with a physical PC edition? I still got no key …


Hello! I am experiencing the same issue others have described here. Are you able to assist @WH_JiriRydl?


Soldier? Contact support, please.


No. Physical baron tier and allready contacted support yesterday without any reply.


hey there, I’m Soldier tier and have no option to link to my Steam profile. Tried three different browsers and nothing, so I’m thinking the problem is on your end. Contacting support seems rather pointless from what I can tell here, so perhaps you can do something directly?


Cant help now, contact support, please.