Stuck in main quest, Ginger in a pickle!

I just finished the quest “The Hunt Begins” after talking to the guy who tells where Ginger might be. Now NOTHING happens, I dont get the new quest called “Ginger in a pickle” and Im stuck with the main quest. Ive loaded several saves now and wasted alot of time… For the love of god FIX THIS NOW! Thank you.


which platform are you playing on?
PC got a patch today that should fix this quest

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Im playing on PC and no its not fixed, Im in the game right now when it happened…

Yeah, i have been stuck on in for two hours. Reloading previous saves, talking to different people there trying to get it to trigger. Removed all my mods, nothing works. Something about todays patch broke the trigger for Captain Bernard or something along those lines.

Edit: Already sent an email to the support team. Would suggest you do as well Neam, maybe they will fix it quickly.

Also having the same issue with the quest not triggering after today’s patch on PC.


  1. Quit the game
  2. relaunch (if using steam game will auto update)
  3. Patch game based on platform you have if #2 doesn’t apply
  4. Reload an eariler save & replay quest, thereby losing all prior progress
  5. Yah. It’s like that. It’s really going to suck. But it’s the nature of the beast. What is to be expected when you gamma test a AAA release.
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@Holt This occurred AFTER the patch today.

I stand corrected.

edit: with the exception of this:

I have this issue after patching then doing the quest before ginger in a pickle

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I dont know how far back I would have to go then?? I launched the game today AFTER the patch was released and have completed several other parts of the main quest before this happened.

Please give us some response on this matter!! Being stuck on the mainquest with no workaround isnt really fun when you finally have some time off that you wanted to spend in the game… This is making me mad tbh

even after patch it’s not working…

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Guess we have to keep bumping until there is a response on this…

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Also on PC also patched ALSO still broken quest

Just to clarify I didn’t even have the quest to go to the stables till after the patch today

Hey so a guy from reddit shared his saves with me, here’s a file if yall want it(note: there are saves from far ahead in the game, so scroll down the save list and find the one called: “Ginger in a pickle - START.”. I know it’s not a fix, but the closest thing i guess.

PC, patch 1.2.5. Right now I have the same problem. Mission is not activated. This is really bad and I’m angry. Fix it now or give me back my money …

Lol. Seriously? Really? Save for a some player to be the solution to this problem? I want to play this game with my character, on my save. This game makes me nervous, very much. Fix this!


I’m just another player trying to be helpful mate

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yeah, the same thing is happening to me after today’s patch 1.2.5, this is my third playthrough and i dunno what to do right now, hopefully they will repair this very soon