Suggestions, Feedback and Nitpicks!


:fire: I’ve got a few additional ideas to extend upon the “From the Ashes” DLC that would make this bailiff feature even more fun and worth investing your time in:

  • It would be great if your town is occasionally “under attack” by groups of bandits or mercenaries and you are given the chance to fast travel back to your town to defend it and minimize the damage caused to the town (somewhat similar to FO4). If you defend it successfully you could use the loot from the defeated enemies to re-invest into repairs for the town, or, if you choose not to go back and help defend your town then you would have some expensive repairs from lost buildings/workers which would subsequently lower your towns happiness and jeopardize your position as bailiff.

  • If this was added to the game it would also be really cool to have a feature of being able to hire guards to increase your towns defenses. Their wages would be included in the towns expenses, this would entice you to venture out and earn more groschen so that you can increase the amount of guards you have in your town and also upgrade their armor/weapons to increase those defenses even further.

  • The guards will determine how well the town is defended until you arrive, for e.g. If you get a notification that your town is under attack but you’re all the way on the other side of the map, it’s going to take a while longer to fast travel back to the town then it would if you were in the next town nearby so the amount of damage taken until you arrive is dependent on your towns defense (guards) level of strength.

  • In addition to the town attacks maybe there could potentially be a trade route feature running from your town that earn you greater amounts of groschen. These trade routes would have risk involved, the larger the haul then the greater the risk there is in being ambushed by bandits or mercenaries. If you decide to send out a trade route that is listed as “high risk” then you can allocate guards to assist on the trade route and you could also accompany the route yourself. In saying this, you don’t want to allocate too many guards to the trade route because you would then be leaving your town vulnerable with less guards posted in town. If you decide to not accompany the trade route yourself and want to complete quests in this time then you would be notified if your trade route is “under attack” and would be given the opportunity to fast travel to the location of the attack from where you currently are. Depending on how long you take to get there or if you even decide to assist in defending the trade caravan at all then you may lose only a little of your stock or could potentially lose all of it if your allocated defenses aren’t satisfactory and therefore resulting in the ambush being successful.

  • It would also be nice to see some dynamic events happen while in town as a bailiff such as spotting a thieve going around stealing from houses or coming across two villagers that have come to a disagreement and pull out weapons on each other trying to kill one another. As the bailiff, you decide what the consequences are for these actions and your town reputation is adjusted according to what you decide to do.

This game is awesome and I’d love to see it expand for a long time to come. :+1:


  • Town can be attacked by bandits or mercenaries and you’re given the opportunity to defend it.
  • Can establish trade routes from your town to other towns to earn groschen.
  • Be able to hire guards/equip them with better gear and allocate them to your town and trade route runs.
  • Frequent dynamic events happening around your town where you decide what the consequences are for villagers actions and your reputation as bailiff is adjusted according to your decision.


What are u thinking that’s terrible idea


Looking forward to the upcomming updates/DLCs, hopefully some of this gets added!


Any horse drawn wagons in the game?
I’ve seen “accidents” with broken wagons and dead horses, but none moving on the road.
Would be nice to see and hear them.

Like to see WHS cut down on the distant dog barking, especially when in a forest when no farms are around.
Would rather like to hear the howl of a wolf, hoot of an owl and the grunt of a bear.
Love the variety of the sounds of birds in the woods.

Would like to see WHS work on the movement mechanics of the wild animals.
Some of the quick spinning of these animals kills the immersion.


I shot an hare that was half in a pond. When the arrow hit it flew into the air and did 4 somersaults away from me before landing on the ground dead! :crazy_face::exploding_head:


Sadly not, i have not seen any NPC riding horses and much less wagons outside of the pre-fixed quest.


That’s not dogs barking. It’s the sound that deer make.


No the bleat sounds are deer. There is dog barking in the forest but usually near the edges , say 300m-500m inside usually the side next to a village or farm.


He said: ”when no farms are around”.


I always noted the barking was in that direction . maybe not in the middle of the forest but in the direction of those places. Tho I agree they should cut out deep woods barking if no wolves.


No, I know a dog’s bark.
I have 5.
The dog barking (with echo) occurs everywhere in the game, but I’m just asking to cut the barking down or out completely while deep in the woods.


Okay, I assumed it was deer, because I’ve never heard the sound of dogs deep in the forest.


Like a lot of your ideas, though I have not played the DLC yet.
Look forward to it.


I am familiar with the snort of a deer, though those come usually from the stag.


Thanks alot :slight_smile:


Need an option to knock on doors especially when a quest involves someone inside the house instead of forcing henry to break in. Oh and options to wake assholes up like Kornelius and sometimes Kunesh that somehow got overdosed on lullaby potion.


Yea that would be great, Vampyr already has this feature(to some degree).


Please take in consideration to enable sound modding for us.
Well, it is possible already but it would require to, at least,
rebuild the Master Bank ( along with the Master (,
wich obviously is not a very good solution.
Good modding capabilities definitively helps a game to survive for a long time, like ArmA proved.

Thank you for reading and thanks for your work which lead to this good game.


Quote Richard Simms:

There are two methods of adding mod content into your game, depending on the complexity of the modding.

If you are just providing a way of importing single audio files, it would be recommended to use programmer instruments. These instruments provide callbacks that you can use to use these audio files when needed. Please see our documentation and the “programmer_sound” example in our FMOD Studio API example solution (available when you install the low level API).

The second way is to provide a blank “master” project that users can add their own events to. This method requires the FMOD Studio project your game uses but stripped of everything but the Master Bus (ie. delete all events, buses, etc. from the main project and save a copy). The users can then build their own banks which your can can load. This method is more complicated to set up but provides the most flexibility to the modders.
This method is one used by X-Plane 11.

Another method would be to use the low-level API to use FMOD::Sounds.


Good suggestion!


Realism - because it totally makes sense for a bandit to carry two shields, three bows and 445 arrows.