Suggestions, Feedback and Nitpicks!


Loving the game so far! i love the atention to detail and the down to earth story, everything feels very realistic and immersive. I do have to agree on the game needing further refinement in the form of bug fixes and performance improvements, but that is on the ways already.

The following is a list of personal wishes that in my opinion would make the game better and more enjojable. Some of the ideas are my own, while others have been directly or indirectly contributed by others.

  • On some of the screenshots we see civilians and soldiers(both ally and enemies) on horse, yet in the actual game i never encounter any, the closest to this was on some of the quest but this was “pre-fixed”. It would be great to have horse riding and horse carts NPCs. Great for immersion and also good to bring more variation to combat and encounters.

  • We should be able to talk to NPCs while mounted, its a bit tedious right now having to dismount every single time we want to talk to someone. Being mounted should give a charisma boost too while on conversations as not everybody during that time owned a horse, so its a prestige/status symbol after all.

  • It would be great to have visible Scabbards for swords and weapons; its 2018 seeing floating swords is ridiculously immersion breaking for me.

  • We should be able to turn Henry and his Horse around on the inventory screen, since the game is on FPS this would be a great way to see how cool our gear and character looks.

  • Necklaces and Rings should be visible on the character model.

  • If henry is using a helmet with visor, it should be raised on the inventory screen by default, with an option to lower it at will, so that we can actually see his face on the inventory screen late game.

  • Our equipet helmet should be visible during conversations and cinematics, just the same as the rest of our clothes already do.

  • Cinematics should take into consideration our current weapons choise, rather than defaulting to two handed longsword all the time. A lot of job yes but more immersive and autentic.

  • We should have the ability to compare our horse equipment stats to those on stores previous to buying it; right now the only indication we have of something being better is its price and name, but no actual stats.

  • It would be nice to have a couple of extra subcategories on the inventory screen, such as:
    -Food and Drinks should be a separate category on inventory.
    -Potions and Alchemy Ingredients as a separate category(not mixed with foods and drinks).
    -Books and Maps(and everything paper related) as its own category.

  • It would be great and even more immersive to have proper animations for drinking, eating, washing yourself, using repair kits, etc rather than just a button press or “fade to black”.

  • Allow the player to remain “in conversation” after ‘repairing’ or ‘trading’, so that we dont have to re-initiate the conversation everytime we want to use the other option.

If you find yourself agreeing with some of the points above, please say so by at least leaving a “+1” or a “/Signed” comment, it helps keep the thread alive so that more and more people might notice and hopefully act on it too. Suggestions are always welcomed, but let us all keep the comments contrusctive and amigable please!

A quick list of 'that'd be cool'
Small features that could definitely make a huge difference
Suggestion for the Taverns
Roleplay enhancing stuff they should add
A great idea for a future update
Good to see you Henry!

Oh my yes

Very very rarely seen by me

Very much so

I’d also add-

Tool tips for equipped gear, showing what it is, and a "plus/minus’ summary compared to the best gear in inventory

Fix for graphical bug (I’m on PC) that makes hair textures ‘clip out’ revealing odd bald spots on heads. Same with noses and some helms that have nasals

Logical and structured naming of gear that allows effective alphabetical sorting

Do not make the player re-initiate conversation if he or she wants to ‘repair’ and ‘trade’ with a craftsman.

Address weird AI bug in which NPCs sort of hesitate before reacting as hostile towards the player.

Fix AI reactions when they walk into the player. When an NPC initiates contact, the NPC shouldn’t tell the player to watch where he’s going. This would also benefit from having something to do with the players Reputation and Intimidation.


This forum is bizarre in that it works like no other forum I have ever seen in 20 years.

To quote (I’m assuming you’re on PC) use mouse+right click to highlight the text you want to quote. A pop up with the text ’ "Quote ’ will appear. Just click that and the highlighted text you chose will show up as a quote in the text field.



I thought this was higlighted on the inventory screen on our stats, no?


You can rotate already in inventory. Try K and L


It should be easely done with the mouse rather than extra keys on the keyboard that one rarely uses.


Godwin does. Not just horse thing. It’s a level thing. If NPC isn’t on same level, can’t talk. Horse is just one example. Can’t initiate convo with Miller Peshek when he’s upstairs in mill and you’re at bottom of stairs. While on foot, can’t talk to NPC (wayfarer) on ground above or below you, etc

Absolutely. Traders should display goods by this too. So, you can sort thru all the hauberks at once, etc

Also, want a keeper-loot subcategories. Tedious trying to manage my keepers as I sell off loot. My situation is extreme (1k dead enemies have lots of loot)


Very good post.
I would add the ability to have multiple sets of gear like a combat gear, a stealth gear, a charisma/noble gear, a no gear gear, etc maybe with tags and buttons to load it.
And also the ability to directly drop objects from your horse saddles to your chest when it is opened.


Ohh i see, i wonder how hard/easy it is then to change the programming then.

thanks a lot!


Yeah I can agree with those sighestions. The scabbard thing bothers me too. Even if hunting swords didn’t have scabbards atleast have some sort of leather loop on your belt that holds it there.

Oh and don’t forget to send these in to the warhorse support email. Thats how they keep track of bugs AND suggestions. Plus it more or less garuntee they see it where here it can be hurried in the subs


+1000 for this including suspensions and straps for quivers/shields

Yes, the invisibility should be adjustable in the options menu! And yes it is just a switch because the in-game cut-scenes remove the worn helmet. An option to open/close the visor during non-combat situations and during conversations would be also a nice addition (the later could influence the choices)

More improvements would be not only :slight_smile:

1: Animations for

  • Washing
  • Cooking
  • Eating from pots or stuff
  • Turning fire on or off/
  • Using the bath houses (there is even one quest for this damn it but it would be nice to have some generic animations with different wenches)
  • Using repair kits
  • Putting stuff in pots
  • Looting
  • Polished NPC animations like giving beggars money from the purse

2: Upgrading weapon character models

  • Sheaths for unsheathed weapons
  • Swordbelts for scabbards, suspensions for hammers, maces, axed
  • Straps for shields, quivers
  • Bow scabbards or bows slung over the shoulder
  • Visible purses

3: The dagger mechanic presented in gamescom 2016 where you have to equip! the dagger to use it
4: More dagger types
5: Dagger scabbards
6: Introducing the cooking minigame, which was mentioned in the early days
7: Minigames for repairing stuff/ fishing
8: Addition of Cats, mice, wolves and other wildlife even if they are not huntable
9: Enabling to hunt birds
10: possibility to wear halberds without being in combat mode
11: Possibility to drop unseathed weapons/bows to be able to switch them faster
12: More interaction with the world like giving beggars money from the own purse


Will do, thanks a lot!

Yes please to all your suggestions, good stuff!


I’m really liking this game. I added these things to another post, but i’ll post it here too. There are some things that could use tweaking or could be added.

Have a jousting tournament.
at some point, even if it’s at the end, i think Henry should have the ability to get knighted.
Add more to the Theresa and Henry relationship. Add in a quest where either Theresa and Henry have to work together to fight someone or steal something OR play as Theresa for a quest or two and try to either save Henry or get something for him/help with main quest.
If the previous quest is done, maybe be able to get married which offers some sort of perk and boost to morale
A quest or goal where at the end the Lord gives you property and a house. It doesn’t even have to be customizable. But at least be able to store things and sleep on a decent bed.
Better relationship mechanics, where they remember past situations with you more
More involvement with blacksmithing. Some sort of forging minigame with weapons would be amazing. Even if it’s only swords.


Thanks for the suggestions @kb925 :slight_smile: i am all in for a jousting tournament, i believe there are even some screenshots/at sketches somewhere displaying that!


This is not a bug but a moddable feature (in rpg_params xml) that you might not want to set to zero. There is an intentional delay in attacking you that is increased/multiplied by the number of opponents you have. I think, especially with the combat lock-on mechanism, that Henry would be immediately hosed when fighting groups if they surrounded him as fast as they could get there… but it’s a single-player game with no companions/followers, so the encounters would be severely limited if you made that too realistic, especially early-game. You can tune it though if you feel like modding up the difficulty in dealing with groups. I cut the delay in half and it made groups of Rattay area bandits and Cumans way scarier. Think twice about charging in. Google the modding guide for “rpg_params” on nexus.


Fair point. Sometimes sacrifices need to be done for gameplay reasons.


The use of short spears plz devs I killed two cuman at start of game with halberd from Skalitz guard.


Disagree with dagger scabbard it’s suppose to be hidden on u


To compare stats on horse u have to find it in the area ur buying it from


If it’s supposed to be hidden, then the drawing and sheathing animation should be more elaborate. This applies especially for NPCs where the animation contains the visible spawning and despawning of the dagger .

A hidden scabbard under the clothing which will be shown in a proper drawing/sheathing animation would do the job.