Thank you warhorse :)


This game is all that and then some. The concept was so huge and innovative I had doubts it could be pulled off. Not for lack of talent, but by the realities of technical limitations.
The design, attention to detail, ambience and immersion is unbelievable!!

HUGE thanks to Dan and all the Warhorse team. Very VERY well done!


Agreed. I’ve wanted a game like this for so long, and thankfully I only heard of KC:D about a week before release so there wasn’t too much hype or room for unfulfilled expectations.
It’s been an absolute joy so far and with 30 hours in I still feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I want to take the opportunity to say to the devs - never cave to nonsense criticism from the press! I have a feeling this game is getting a lot of negative attention from sites like Kotaku and their userbase largely because of Vávra’s opinions and his refusal to capitulate when called out on them. If you check the steam reviews, a LOT of the negatives have less than 2 hours played, and are citing things they couldn’t possibly have encountered in that time. Makes me kind of suspicious.

Anyway, great job to everyone involved. This was clearly a labor of love and it really shows.


I also agee!!! I read a lot of critics here at the forum, bugs, glitches, people not happy,… BUT WHAT A GAME!!! I LOVE IT!!!


I seriously can’t understand some of the negative dross that’s doing the rounds on gaming sites. This game never claimed to have / nor needs, dragons and magic! Withcer III was one of my favourite games of all times, but this beats the pants off it imho.

… and I love the way warhorse has depicted the landscape. For those that think it’s realistic to trip over an abundance of fauna and money caches … they need to do less trolling and get out occasionally.



Truly incredible game… a Masterpiece IMO.


Indeed. I have only Just begun my first KCD adventure, just finished my first night of debauchery with the priest that excercises with a wooden sword… and I can honestly say, this is the best game I’ve ever played, and I’ve been playing PC games since the 80’s. Hats off to the Warhorse team, bravo. One gripe though, and thats the american accents, that some key characters have, some that cant pronounce or say the dialogue properly. Not sure why they decided on using american voice actors. Better to use Czech accents. Anyway, thanks again Warhorse.


Deeply satisfying experience! The game looks and feels amazing. One of the few games where the scale of everything feels right, as WH based everything on the real world - staircases are narrow, passages are tight, just like the should be. There’s so much to point out here as to what I love that I really can’t put this into few words.
The combat system takes some time to master, but that’s exactly what makes it so exciting. I feel as if I am really training to get good at something. I am actually visiting the training sites to do so. That’s just great fun! :slight_smile:
I can only resonate what others have said as well - a true masterpiece (some bugs and glitches notwithstanding).

So yes, love it!


the best game ever entire game history


Agreed. I found I was uncertain the first couple of hours, but the more I play, the more I’m loving it. So different than the usual game, so much put in to the game. You feel often like you’re living in that era (to a degree, but more than most games have done). The graphics are phenomenal (although demanding, still quite good on high). The work put into the music, atmosphere (storyline and history research), etc. is well done. The game lets you feel a vibe that few games can do. It’s a game of patience in many ways, but I find that the beauty of it (I personally don’t like rushing in a game). There are a few bugs that made it uncertain at first, but not game breaking (stairs, fps occasionally, etc. but I find it’s minor, and soon to be fixed I sure). I was not sure about spending as much on it, but now I can see it was worth it. Much kudos to all involved. So glad I got it.


For the first time ever, since playing video games in 1979 with Pong, I am pleasantly frustrated. Game is working well and I ma exhausting options to achieve an objective but I keep searching, knowing there will be another way. It’s not “hard” in the traditional sense; I simply need to think more, which is a welcome change re: gaming.

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I’m equally amazed. The biggest shock for me was how little most reviews do this game justice. I was in the middile of a witcher 3 playthrough when Kingdom Come Deliverance was released. I always considered Witcher 3 to be the pinnacle of RPG’s (and I still love it) but to me Kingdom Come Deliverance is just better. Where do I begin?

1.) The game world is massive and beautiful. I have never seen a forest done so accurately then in this game. The castles and villages are also a sight to behold.

2.) The quests are beautifully designed and the voice actors are spot on. So many memorable characters and I can’t wait to see where story goes next (I’m only about 20 hours into it).

3.) Henry is such a relatable character which boosts the immersion up a lot. If I were to compare him to Geralt, sure Geralt is a great character, but I prefer having a flawed and realistic character any day.

4.) The combat system is brilliant and actually rewards you for playing smartly. The fact that you are also encouraged to practice in the game is something I have never seen before in another game. Well done!

5.) All the skill based mini games, from alchemy (which puts alchemy in any other game to shame), to weapon sharpening or haggling just helps spice up the gameplay.

6.) Often overlooked (or overheard) but I really dig the medieval soundtrack. It’s never obstrusive and just sounds very nice.

7.) Lastly, the lack of handholding.
Want to find a bandit camp? Here are some hints, but you need to go find it yourself in that large forest.
Want to save scum your way to victory? Sure, if you can afford it, but good luck doing the fight while drunk.


I like it, thank god i am not one of the ones that is having all kinds of issues.

I love this game too, my only fear is I’ll never get to grips with the combat. But isn’t that part of the fun of experiencing something new in a game?


Yeah, it will take time for me with this combat. At least i played For Honor and it is similar but harder me thinks :smiley:

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Perfect summation !

You’ll get there. Just practice a lot with Captain Bernard. Makes a really big difference. I’ve trained with him until all weapons skills are at 20 (minus the bow - for that “Chumps on the River” is awesome). :slight_smile:

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I backed this game back in 2014, I would back it again. LOVE the game.


I wish I had backed this game. Oh well. I love what I got!

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Only thing that’s pissing me off ATM is a rain glitch. Rain goes pixelated, and it rains so much , it’s kinda game breaking in a way.

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for me kingdom come : best game in the last 5 years
. best inovation in the last 15 years (alchemie never want too use the auto crafting the best)
story and quest are so wonderfull and each choise fells like a real one even the storytelling and the wonderfull loking world 11 stars out of 10
warhorse keep up the good work and please never stop too make so great work this game is the dream of an roleplay game