The AI in this game is putrid, far worse than any game i've seen in a long time

I’m going to leave this here.


This is odd. Usually for me everyone runs at me all at once.


Bullshit, I’ve seen a lot of other vids out there and the AI reacts the same, so yhea. Worse than anything Bethshity has released by far.


Dude I had the same kinda thing in that camp, I wish I recorded it. It was an unlimited respawn of cumans attacking me in the river. I killed 60ish before turning off, they just kept spawning to fight me, no option to return to stealth or anything. Running at me non stop. It’s really poor AI and the game is nothing they marketed it to be.


go hunting…thats worse…

you can pump 5 arrows in a animal and it shows NO reaction till his dead…no movement…its ignore you like your girlfriend if you was a bad boy

i fucking hate this game


Is that the worlds tiniest violin I can hear? If you want to report a bug, do so in the correct part of the forum. Having a childish tantrum in the gameplay part of the forum, as if the world, let alone the devs, owe you anything, does nothing but make you look immature, self-entitled and ill-tempered. No one listens to people like that. Count to ten and try again, as an adult.


To report all the bugs in this game would take longer than they spent testing the game for the bugs to begin with.

They do owe us something, a working game for the money we spent. It’s been a complete shambles and a rip off and now they go twitter silent on the issues. It’s like no mans sky all over again.


I feel that is a serious overexaggeration. Its in a normal state of the normal AAA releases we see. I havent had anything personally thats hugely gamebreaking. Thougb i hear pspro players have a crash issue with their system.

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No one is asking you to be some kind of bug-Christ, sacrificing yourself for our salvation by posting every bug in the game, stop being silly. 99% of people in this forum are calmly and helpfully posting valid bug complaints (a bug post should focus on one issue at a time) in the forums, and those are the people the devs will listen to. You are welcome to join them, just learn to express yourself in a mature and respectful way. The devs want to hear your criticisms, but no one wants to listen to a tantrum. Most of us are in love with this game, so the whole ‘no mans sky bla bla shambles bla bla’ just makes you sound a bit insane tbh.


Every single side quest I tried to complete was met with some kind of bug. NPCS randomly disappearing or attacking you for nothing at all… even my horse randomly dying.

Dude stop defending the game this is nothing like triple A and Microsoft and Sony know it because they are issuing full refunds.

For Sony that is unheard of so it must be bad.

I had a full refund from Microsoft after 48hrs of play because the game has completely cornered me into needing to start the whole game again because of key NPCS missing etc.


Man…you know…it’s only because Bruce Lee wasn’t there…!!!

Funny kick

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Do you think me waltzin in with a mediocre bow, 12 hours into the game, killing more than 40 enemies in about 5 minutes, in what world is this normal for a 50$ dollar game. The AI it’s so bad, it’s breaking every time you try to make an unorthodox move, it glitches out, it freezes in place, never attacks, runs away yelling and coming back a few seconds later. In what world is this normal?

Yes the ai is easy to cheese with a bow. They dont appear to break off engagements or make use of cover etc. The bow however with good arrows or a bow or skill with it is almoat certainly top tier ingame.

I like it when you walk into a bandit camp and the game doesn’t realise so the bandits walk around like nothing is happening whilst you stab them one by one. Or better still people running off into the distance and then battle music glitching on permanently so you can’t fast travel or anything because it classes you in battle lol.

How about when an friendly NPC turns on you in a fight because you show an arrow at an enemy that was too close to the friendly NPC so it registers it as an attempt on his life… and the friendly NPC is a key NPC so the game doesn’t even let you fight back?

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That you use the term ‘AAA’ as if it were inherently positive goes to show that you are out of your depth here. You got a refund? Great. So go play a game you do like, lest we all begin to think that you are here because you enjoy whining beyond playing.


The mental midget gymnastics these people come with, defending this game while they the audacity to call other games casuals it’s hillarious, this game has one of the worst AI in the industry, mainstream and indie alike, it’s just sad that they give this a pass and have the nerves to shit on others.

The gaming industry is fucked, because you have retards of both sides of aisle and all of them are ready to eat shit from the devs plate.


Basically you didn’t have an informed defence you just tried to make out like I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

How can you defend a game that is bad even for an indie?

It has a great coat of paint on it making it look half decent ( when things aren’t popping in at 5ft away and textures actually render in ) but the foundations and mechanics of literally everything else in this whole game are completely trashed and broken.

Do you realise you just sound like a crazy cat woman right now? Shouting at everyone that they are actually tiny purple aliens and why can’t they see the truth. Here we all are, absolutely loving this game, many of us even going so far as to call it the best RPG ever made, yet here you are, screeching out that it’s a bad game. Who is more likely to be right, you, or all of the mature, experienced, intelligent gamers of the type that invariably love this game. Not all opinions are created equally after all. You can scream and shout that it’s a bad game all you like, but all you are doing is making yourself look very silly. If you have your refund, then really why are you still here? Clearly you are one of those people that gets more out of whining than playing.


90% of this game and combat situations are just fine, atleast on PC - the only major problem is Henry becoming too good too soon for the main story, that’s about it.
Yes, you can break the game… but that doesn’t make this AI system of daily rutines, disguises and other factors any less complex. It’s honestly very ignorant to call this bad AI based on these bad examples. It’s objectively and factualy one of the most complex Ai systems in any rpg game and that’s why it breaks and when it breaks it’s pretty bad.
Even though the new accounts coming in the last few days have all broken english and just complain in topic after topic, even those have to understand that with complexity can come a lot of problems. Exact the opposite what you are saying. Again, i don’t think you’ll understand any of this to be honest.


Tell you what, forget all that glitches and bugs for just a second.

The whole game consists of talking to one person who tells you to talk to someone else miles away so you end up fast travelling ( not fast and novelty wears off fast ) to talk to someone else who tells you to talk to someone else. I’ve spent hours on that crappy fast travel map and just talking to uninteresting people.

I would travel normally on horse but even that’s crappy when you keep getting stuck on tiny bushes… I would love to take in the scenery but anything more than 20ft away doesn’t pop in so it’s blank textured crap.

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