The Ashes DLC Really Did a Number on Mods


There are common use mods that either cause infinite load screen at game loading or after dialog loading screen. others that won’t let use the build book, or not let you talk to Marius.
There is no indication of which short of the very tedious insert try and rinse and repeat.
Sad that the authors have abandoned their work.
Really looking fwd. to the mod tools for the mod people. Personally I have not Played KCD w/o mods.
after so long the vanilla game is a let down.

cheat if it run won’t let you use the book
Bane mod won’t let you talk to Marius
still ferreting what causes infinite load screen and dialog infinite load
I think random encounters causes infinite loading


Personally my biggest fear is, that when WH finally “allows” modding, the modders have no interest in this game anymore.

I really miss my cosmetic mods.


Mods should be ok as long as the modders test them properly and stop ppl thinking wh are responsible if they break the game!


i can say with certainty that the spearmans delight mod causes infinite load screens for me. when ever i did a dlc related cut scene it would be an infinite loading screen everytime.

mods i currently use right now that are working fine for me - unlimited save mod, unlimited inventory, and the instant herb picking mod.

spearmans delight works fine aswell, but if u have any dlc cut scene it will give u an infinite loading screen either b4 or after the scene. but if ur not doing dlc stuff then it works fine for the most part i think. i like this mod cause it allows me to use and sell pole arms. so for now ill only load it up if i get a spear or something stuck in my inventory.


I have to try that, I have too much stuff on me :see_no_evil:


most of the mods i see are from 1.4 just check the description before downloading.


yea because i played skyrim like that, i have to have it. im like a kleptomaniac now when i loot. im easy to find ingame, just follow the trail of naked dead bodies.


mods are what keep these type of single player games interesting when they become old news. hell my skyrim resembled nothing like skyrim after i was done modding it. my favorite was that roman conversion mod.


Hahaha, same here, I’m filthy rich, but can’t leave a single piece behind! :rofl:
Do you know something about “better vanilla HUD”?


no i dont sry, i never tried that. the hud never bothered me. i know a lot of people hate it though.


Well they should retest for 1.6 too


i dont think thats the case , i belive it is because they do not own there own engine , and because of that they are not allowed to give people access to it.
ps i dont even know what that means because i dont develop games or mods. im not sure what the engine has to do with it , probably alot . but thats wh’s reason.


That gold and yellow gives me eyecancer, but I wouldn’t dare to demand any changes.
I was happy about the mod.


I read that they need to make an agreement with Cryengine for that purpose, or something related. But do you need to negotiate some terms for almost a year? If so, I can’t imagine how many coffees they would have to drink along all those everlasting meetings… :wink:

It shouldn’t take that long, the game was already released almost 5 months ago. Do you really need another 6 months or even more (next year is not specific), or isn’t it the priority but to sell more DLCs? I still trust on Warhose, don’t get me wrong, but the actions tell more than the words.


i 100% agree with you, i think those modding tools should have been there 1st free dlc. that woulda brought back alot more of the kcd population. like yettyen said, by the time that comes out, most of the modders will probley have moved on by then . i hope thats not the case.


Mate. One thing at a time. I come on this forum and people are going on about the smallest of bugs and spamming the place demanding shit EVERY DAY. WH can’t react to everything! You can’t have a perfect game AND modding tools.


Modding seems to be a fad thing. As long as it captures the fancy of the modder The mods happen and are updated. But too soon become Orphans as the modder walks away when the next “oooooohh shiney” comes along


Don’t really think modders release their work for competing purposes, but for the sake of playing themselves and sharing it, getting feedback and improve the gameplay of a game they really like. Even releasing a small mod is rewarding when you see people appreciating the effort, and constructively proposing ways to improve it.

It’s more related to reaching the modding limits (tweaking XML tables; most aspects are hardcoded without tools), the lack of complete understanding about how all the tons of variables are working all along, and how much work it implies to keep updating the mod every update. If you search for overhaul mods, there are plenty of amazing examples but as soon as many of these modders have reached the limits, it’s normal to lose interest and move on when they have finished the game and can’t tweak it beyond their view.


huh? I said fad


Hahahaha Didn’t know the word, it’s there by mistake :joy: