The Die is Cast / Infinite Loading


After escaping the bandit encampment, and getting the cutscene with radzig, the game infinite loads. wating for like 30 minutes :smiley: sometime the background music appears.
does anyone have the same bug or a walkaround ?



PS: i have no mods installed!


Yes, I have the same problem. I’ve tried a number of different things with no success… I see up until the cutscenes with Radzig and then just infinite loading. Same thing re: music, it plays every several minutes. Sometimes I’ll even get quest prompts (return to so and so for whatever) like the in game time is still running despite it loading. I hope this gets fixed. I’m going to play something else in the meantime I guess.


Same Problem at main quest where the bandits talk to you behind the mill =( 1.3.1 on PC


yeah, the DEVS are really hurrying up to fix this GAMEBREAKING bug that DOESNT PERMIT YOU TO CONTINUE with the game. yeah…I rally prefer that the horse doesnt get stuck on a rock than fixing the MAIN story quest.

You will probably get a fix with other 1000 fixes instead solving the more important and game breaking one first and than adjust the small ones.


UnrealOne, are you experiencing this bug as well or are you just super angry at this game for other reasons?

It’s definitely frustrating, there’s not really anything else for me to do as I’ve done all the side quests I’ve found. Just a waiting game until it is fixed I guess.


Im experienceing it as well after playing for more than 60 hours. So to break the main quest with a game fixing patch and stay completly silent about it…lets just say it is NOT ok



I have the exact same Problem!

I already tried using different save files, Graphic presets, with and without mods and veryfieing the the game files on Steam.

I hope someone can help or that there will be a fix soon, because I really enjoyed this game but now I am not able to continue it any longer :frowning:


I feel you, after doing the majority of the side quests there is nothing else to do. Installed the game several times, nothing is fixed.


Same problem any workaround?


Same issue. Literally unplayable!


hey i this game save … wew
its a bugs collection and i stay in bandit hunt mission plz some body send me save file :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
C:\Users*user*\Saved Games\kingdomcome\saves\playline0 etc
my email


Still broken after 1.3.3 aldo they said fixed missing videos… SPOT ON bug basing team, SPOT ON !!!


Same here. Stuck when coming back from escaping the camp. I spent hours and hours on this game. Yeah as soon as Radzig says lets talk in private the infinite loading starts. And yes you can hear music in the background looping.

I cant finish the Game!!! One more thing! Just remembered, does anyone still see the monastery mission running in the background? Like saying go Pray but that mission ended after you finish off Antonious? Did anyone actually kill him at the monastery and not finish the mission with him? I am starting to think that if you kill him at the monastery and not do what he says the games bugs out after that… then the loading with Radzig is the final straw as I can see the mission is running in the background saying, go pray, go eat, go to library even though I am not at the Monastery! anymore.


Yes, I have the monastery reminders during the infinite loading if I wait long enough it will tell me to eat etc. I actually went back and re-did the monastery to get rid of those reminders, thinking that is what was causing the infitine loading but it didn’t fix it.


I am having the same issues with this quest. I left it running since 2:30 cst and it is now 4:40 cst and the loading screen is still there, every once and a while I can hear music. Main line quest should be on the top if list for hot fixes if you want people to write good reviews on the game and give them a thumbs up. If you are not going to do hot fixes on the games main line quest people will continue to say that WH does not care about fixing the important issues of the game.


Same here. I am 100 hours inside the game (i play slowly) and now stuck on this infinite loading. Very frustrating. Hope Warhorse will fix this problem asap.


Same problem, infinite loading after the bandit camp escape, whatever your choice concerning Zbyshek’s fate, tried many alternatives, doesn’t work, will load endlessly.

Please fix that asap, i’m a huge fan of the game and this bug is quite depressing :frowning:


Same problem. This makes me really sad. Best game in years, and I would like to finish it. :frowning:

Would be very happy if fixed :smiley:


same problem here