The Die is Cast / Infinite Loading


Bizden misin?


Well it didn’t work for me. I restarted the whole monastery quest (A needle in the haystack). I got kicked out pretty quickly for not following the rules. The daily routines don’t pop anymore at this point. I took back my belongings in the chest near brother Porter, although this part of the quest doesn’t get confirmed. I went back in the monastery at night and killed Antonius in their sleep, unnoticed. I took the body outside in the courtyard, then looted his strange die and went to the meeting point with the bandits. I showed the bandits the strange die. This led me to the encampment of Vranik. There I got captured, then I successfully escaped with Zbyshek. Then there’s a cinematic in Rattay with Hanush and Radzig. Afterwards there’s an infinite loading screen. I can’t go on.

I tried several variants of this story. I never got caught by the guards after the murder though. Should I go to jail and/or kill Antonius publicly? Any other idea? I just want to finish this game. And I’d rather avoid going to jail.

Platform: PS4 slim


Вот, у меня так же. Не знаю решение проблемы.
Here, I have the same. I do not know the solution to the problem.


still broken even with 1.3.4 . You guys must be working hard there. Sorry for the sarcasm but its unbelieveble that in 3-4 patches problem still isnt fixed considering there are people that say that IT IS RELATED TO THE MONASTERY QUEST. So yeah…im a little pissed about the lack of…competence.


Eventually it worked for me. It is indeed related to the Monastery quest. I did kill Antonius in broad daylight, but didn’t get caught nor even seen. So you don’t necessarily have to be seen or caught. The murder has to be “recorded” properly somehow though.

It seems there might be a problem with the auto-save at the exact time you kill one of the novice. If you get caught murdering the novice, you may reload this auto-save and they all have forgotten about the murder. Even worst, if you reload this save several times, the body disappears.

Anyway I can keep on playing now. Thanks for your help guys.


It worked!
There is no endless download. After the escape from the camp, the mission “The Die is Cast” ended and the next one was loaded successfully.

Бесконечной загрузки больше нет. После побега из лагеря миссия “The Die is Cast” закончилась и загрузилась следующая успешно.


I also replayed the monastery mission (while cursing a lot :slight_smile: I hate this mission).
This time I didn’t kill anyone but instead simulated with Antonius his murder. After he poisoned me I chose this option in dialog.
Daily missions disappear and I also could at last finish “The die is cast” without endless loading screen.


This action probably changes the end of the game. Perhaps this action changes the end of the game.


Guys :slight_smile: I’ve just updated to 1.4 and this seems Fixed! Managed to load the next series of cutscenes and finish this Quest at last! Thanks Warhorse :). Looking forward to jumping back into Bohemia again!


Hoping the bug gets fixed via patch 1.4 soon. I’ve been beyond bummed out that I’m unable to continue my ongoing ventures with 'enry…Anyways, I’m keeping my hopes up! Much love to WH for creating one of the best games out there! (Just straighten out the game-breaking bugs, please…)


This is still an issue… Why has no dev/qa responded