The future of Kingdoms come Deliverance

I just wanted to address the lack of info on the rest of the story in KCD.
When is Henry going with Lord Capon to find Sir Radzigs sword? And kill that snake!?

I know that we all agreed on not hearing anything before close to a release, but is there ever going to be a episode/chapter 2?

Or will the devs release a KCD 2 that we need to buy?

Even more interesting with the acquisition.

Yes, they’ve said that the story will continue in next game (which is still not announced).

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They do not want comment explicitly about the content of their future possible KCD2. They want to continue the same trend they set as studio (medieval historical game) and some time ago, they mentioned, they would like to continue with the story of Henry, which could also mean the story after what happened to Henry at the end of the game, so simply said, they would probably make a game that would follow the events of Cumans invading Bohemia.

Just hope WH doesn’t create KCD2 just to complete the story of Henry. Creating a quality game is more important than finishing the last chapter

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I am curious what they will cook. Cause you can not go from 0 to hero so easily now, maybe ramp up enemies and make bunnies more deadly :smiley:

Closure for what ultimately happens to the sword isn’t really important if you ask me, it’s just a bit of steel, and not even a good one at that. What is important is for WH to bring Henry’s story to an end and tie any loose ends. Perhaps they can even have him marry Theresa and show him with a family.

KCD2 should not be the next chapter of KCD, instead it should be a new game set in a slightly later time period, well after the events of KCD are over and all important living characters have died. It should have a new character to play as.

I don’t know why everyone wants the happy ending for him and Theresa and such. So far, it seems to me they are trying to be realistic and it is certainly not nice to live during war for that perspective.

I want to see Hans Capon, I don’t care about some nameless hero 10 years after the events of Cuman invasion right now.

@savvym: I personally dont care if Henry marries or not, I’m just saying it’s an option. In that historical era it was traditional for and expected for men to marry at an early age. And women oftentimes didnt have a choice in regards to who they married, alot of times marriages were arranged by their parents or whoever.

I myself am straight, 35 and single, never been married or have kids, and havent dated in years by choice. I’m much happier being single. But today we live in an era where that is deemed OK by society.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Capon in a KCD2, but I personally think he is a douchbag and wouldnt want to play as him. The setting could be something like, Capon officially becomes as an adult and takes the helm. And you play as one of his subjects.

Henry is adventurer, not a farmer, why should he settle down with a family ideas. Besides, he still wants his revenge and Hans Capon is unfinished business. Not intending to play as him exactly, though it seemed so.

@savvym: This isnt The Witcher series, where it’s only about Geralt and his adventures. I think WH primarily made KCD to be a historical documentary as a playable game, not as something to be played as a singular hero.

True. I didn’t mention Witcher as an example of adventurer. Henry went through drastic changes while the war raged around him and he progressed towards a literate and renowned amongst the nobles, especially Hans Capon who I consider to be the important person in new KCD, if they do not include the other old ones. Truly, I have no idea what is going to happen to Hans (real historical person), just wondering.

It will for sure continue in Trosky region, or it may be just small episode there (prologue) and story will continue elsewhere, who knows.
There is very few information to find about Hans Capon. He probably stayed loayal to the king, was in opposition against hussites. In 1405 he obtained some post at justice court.
Also he married Jitka of Kunštat, with her he had son Hynce Ptáček (Capon), who was famous hussite politician later. That’s pretty much all available about him.
I think Henry will still be the main character.

I’d really like to see (and hear!) autumn and also winter time in the next game.

Even better, make the whole year stages.

Interesting. The different opinions and thoughts expressed are all valid and food for thought for the developers. As for me, I would like to see closure for Henry and settling the score for the death of his parents. If we go with the historical setting Henry might not be able to marry Theresa, since he is a nobleman. I am not expert of Czech nobility and their customs, but if Sir Radzig acknowledges Henry as his son that does put him a rung up the social ladder, albeit being a bastard son. I would think KCD2 would have a new hero and storyline.

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Bastard like Henry probably could marry any common girl without problems, I think nobody cared in cases like this. Radzig Kobyla himself was in low nobility ranks, but king liked low nobility at that age, luckily for him. So Henry is not completely a peasant anymore, but still far from high nobility.

KCD is said to be 2 parts of 3 part story. unless part 3 is greatly embellished not sure there’s enough content. some of that could be offset by implementing some of the missed targets (crafting, warhorses, sandbox, large scale battles). rather have whole new game that a short add on sequel

the change mgmt and the engine both seem to be unresolved issues. hope these aspects of change under new ownership

There must be a follow up…
I will leave the game were it ended now if there is no continuing of the story!

I have the feeling that it was very obvious there will be a second game, when I saw the ending. And surely, Henry will be the main character, I guess… I would love to see a game where there is even more mass fight scenes / battles and even more sieges but on a larger scale. :slight_smile: I hope for some more weapons and skills , as well.

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