The sight in the game

Hello guys!

I started this topic because the question how will be the sight in the game?

No, I dont think of glasses or a monocle more like:
will I be able to see my feets? My body? Will a helmet have a influence on my sight? (like in war of the roses)

I think its a very important part of the game for the atmosphere, so please say what you think about this topic.
(sorry for my bad english and I know its the wrong category but I wasn’t able to take the right one, maybe I was just too stupid^^)


Yes to all points raised. Helmet will hamper your vision, you can see your body when you look down. You can also see the hands during stealing or mixing herbs etc.

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It’s a good point actually .

Ok for the hands , and the body ( Operation Flashpoint Style ) , and very good for manipulation ( crafting , opening coffers etc… ).

But Helmet should take a separate discussion : it would be absolutely amazing if helmets would preclude the view , according the type of helmet . ( something like Metro 2033 and last light with the breathing mask ) . So I.E. wearing the full helmet have the visual precluded , with only couple of loophole to see , and with the heavy breath inside it , increasing while in combat or running.

This wil be absolutely deeply immersive.


Reducing sight when wearing helmet is really quite nice feature and I agree that it should be there, though I will hate it from the bottom of my heart.

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It would be so immersive! And just to mention, wearing a bascinet does not make your vision limited just to 2 tiny little slits. Your eyes are pretty close to them, so you see out of the helmet better then you would actually think. Although it would be really nice to be able to shut the visor in combat only.

War of the Roses’ visor view was a joke.
We, the fighters who actually use combat helmets, …we know how hard it is to fight with visor shut. But we appreciate it, as we know, it’s better to clash with visor down than to lose a fight cuz of a little scratch at the brows whose blood takes our sight :slight_smile:
Short: Visor view should limit the field of view as it exactly is in real.

Yep, totally agree. Don’t speak to me about blood, I lost two teeth because of the absence of a visor! :smile:


I’m pretty sue both of those have already been confirmed to be in.

Having helmets affect your vision would be really nice, having to try and find space mid battle to lift your visor so you can look around and see what’s going on before sliding it down and charging back into the melee would be so cewl. ;3


I think the visor would make in this affect also a very important part of the gameplay.
I just see it in war of the roses, should I lift my visor to see more or is it too risky? I like such desiscions!


I’m pretty sure Warhorse will include visors that affect vision. Not doing so would destroy the feeling of wearing a helmet. It didn’t make any sense to me to have visors in WOTR though cause it was a third person game.

You will be able to see your body.
Helmets affecting your vision are being considered but cannot be confirmed as of yet.

I think limited vision would be best implemented as an option, as there will always be people that hate it alongside those that would be unhappy without it.
Although I’d like to see it implemented myself, it’s difficult to get a believable effect and helm visibility is better than most assume, anyway (though, admittedly, not by much).

And, well, I’ve seen people lose teeth with a visor. Sometimes I wonder if the whole BotN thing is a bit dangerous.

the problem with it being an option is, that it is a balancing factor - additional protection vs. impact on vision.
The same could be said about limited amount of arrows for your bow - some might hate it some might like it, but you probably have to decide beforehand what it will be.

Slightly off topic but also a trade-off between realism and ergonomics, how was weight/inventory handled? Can you carry half a dozen weapon around and pick the best for your fight or do you have to limit yourself to those you can actually wear on your body? It’s a similar trade-off to the helm implication, do I carry additionally the “Axe of Single Use” or do I restrict myself to the “trusty Longsword of Repeatable Averageness”.

True, though not including it negates that balance entirely, whilst including it and making it toggleable (if it’s just an overlay it would be just as easy to implement as toggling HUD elements) gives people the option as to whether they want to deal with that factor.
Saying that, I’m all for complete implementation of it as well as lifting visors, I’m just suggesting a compromise after the response to helmet view in War of the Roses.

Metro’s wasn’t very good you still always have the same fov without your gas mask on.

Now a helmet should decrease your vision area, you should have helmet filling the other area, rather than just darkness so the internals need to be seen really.

Also i believe seeing your body is needed i hate not being able to see your feet.