The Witcher III


Is there is anyone, who dislikes this?


Hate is too strong a term, but I didn’t get into the lore, the first game is terrible, and all the rolling around and unresponsive controls of the combat turned me off. I gave it a go, but just couldn’t bring myself to care enough to keep playing it.


You play the first game for the story, and that’s it.

Each game demolished the previous in terms of quality, stopping at number 1 is not a good idea:P


I don’t know how anyone could hate it…


I would rather play The Last Guardian for the story.


Okay? So what?


When the third one was announced as coming soon, I decided to play the first one… Which didn’t last long. It was bad. I won’t comment on the story, because I never got far enough into it to experience it.

So I gave up. I didn’t bother with the second, but since everyone seemed to like the third so much I thought I would start there. The intro was okay, but I can’t say I really liked the character, the story, or the general universe.

Then I got into combat, and it seemed stupid. Rolling around. Hand magic. The feel of the combat just felt off, and I decided not to bother playing.

The story seems like one of the strongest points, but when I disliked the combat and interface so much, I didn’t get to experience it.

I have played the Game of Thrones RPG from Cyanide. It has been pretty universal panned as terrible, but I enjoyed it. Mors is a very similar character to Geralt, old, gray, veteran, but I liked him a lot more. The game has a lot of limitations, but I really enjoyed the story and the combat was okay, and I enjoyed creating character builds. So the game itself was fun, the story was good, although not perfect, but good, and I liked the universe and characters. With Geralt and the Witcher universe, none of those things were true for me.


о_О Any reason to hate it?

Епта, да за один перевод питерка, не говоря о сюжете или типа того. Ну боевка шлак - это да. Но нах игру ненавидеть? Не любо - не слушай, что называется.


I didn’t play the first two Witcher-games. A remake of them in the Brueghel-style of Witcher 3 would be nice though. I think the characters really grow on you over the time, which of course doesn’t happen, if you give up so early. What I actually didn’t like were a few homages to GoT in the Blood & Wine expansion, since I don’t really enjoy the GoT series. Oh and the spiders (arachnomorphs) that came later with the expansions (I needed a mod for that). :wink:


why hates? you can just stop playing.


I just want cyberpunk 2077, they say they’re going far beyond what they did with the witcher 3. Which to me, sounds absolutely insaneXD


Yeah, its hard to imagine that, but if I trust somebody to do it properly, its CDP :slight_smile: I just fear that I will need a lot of vacation to finish that game (I have 208 hours in W3 - and its just 1 playthrough - what the FUCK?)


Why do not you like Witcher? From what I know, it’s Kingdom Come too was based on this game. From Witcher grabs the best of everything, and even more. It will not be dragons, elves and the paranormal. Only clean the Middle Ages, not a fantasy //


Witcher 2 was right up there for me as one of my favourite RPG’s of the last decade… I don’t think Witcher 3 topped it in terms of story or combat, but it improved on it in every other way. The side quests were incredibly written and executed. The hunts were challenging. The world was alive and filled with activity… the look and feel was amazing. The music… Gwent!

Yea. It was a great game.

The DLC improved on it as well apparently. So not sure how you could ‘hate’ on it. CDPR are now a powerhouse because of what they achieved globally with TW3. Bring on CyberPunk 2077 I say


I kinda feel like people who hate Witcher 3 are the same sort of people who hate Terminator 2 or 12 Angry Men or Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel ceiling or the Dark Side of the Moon - people who just can’t appreciate quality even if it’s beating them over the head with the club.


Don’t forget hipsters :smiley:


I’ve only played the third game. I found it great, but not a “masterpiece” like you often hear about it. That said the world overall is fantastically crafted. I couldn’t get really invested into the story, because I somehow developed a dislike for just about every character. Tried to get into the books, but couldn’t. Gameplay, graphics, writing wise it’s great, but I prefer a different kind of fantasy.

There are some issues as well: I hated the boat and partially the horse too, they should have done them better as they are a primary means of transportation in the game and I personally like to use fast travel as little as possible. There are some very dull challenges for example the 100s of “smuggler’s caches” around Skellige. Later in the game you won’t find anything of use in them. In some places it was annoying that most of the buildings are not accesible. In particular I remember raiding a damn castle from which only a tiny corridor was visitable. The overarching story is somewhat cliche.


One of those games where you love a particular part of it(Excellent Environments, Realistic true-to life living world, rich lore of monsters and factions), but hate most of the nonsensical and redundant elements of gameplay(combat is… wonky, horse riding, bugs). Makes Risen’s RPGness seemed more sane.

Thing is, Witcher tells a good story, and it does best at what it do. You hate the trips and falls of the game itself, but you just want to get on with the story and witness how it plays out with its setting and characters.

And then there is the masterpiece of Expansion Packs, Blood and wine. Not the best story out there but Goddamn do they show the best story and environment content since the golden age of gaming.

One can hate the Witcher 3, it’s perfectly understandable. It has its quirks to put some people off, which what KCD will do towards casual gamers ironically. But Witcher 3 is definitely one of the greater games of 2015 that brought back what gaming really is about.


i dont hate the game but its in no way a masterpiece as so many fan-boys claim it to be. For example the RPG-System is pretty poor.


I had absolutely shit-load of fun with RPG system, I tried about 5 core builds during my playthrough, and all of them had possibility for some “on the go” iterations and changes for specific enemies and situations… don´t understand what seems to be the problem here.