Theresa and a lost opportunity


I strongly agree. Change the “resistance” buff from herbalism to just a poison resistance, and make a long term relationship with Theresa give the +2 vitality instead, with scripted dialogue options for new.conversations later etc.


Check this and look at the comments:

Daniel Vavra-
Well, sadly, we didnt manage to do everything we wanted, so the quest ends abruptly, but I have long term plans for Theresa :slight_smile:


Oh man, you just blew my mind!


I really feel like they did leave stuff out. I feel like they wanted to get the game out and maube needed to before the really had thier vision completed and its hurt some aspects of the game. I really hope they flesh this out.


Yes, that still IMHO look that she is the missing playable woman character.


It’d be hilarious if they made a playable woman and then made it so she always died in the tutorial, because women are physically weaker. That she just straight up died when Runt hit her in the head with that bat at the end of the tutorial.
But honestly there’s way too big a difference in how women were treated compared to men for this to be possible, they’d have to make an entirely new game.


Glad to hear this. Hopefully soon…


I just figured he was crap!!!


I got to this point a couple of days ago and it was so jarring. there were so many things they could have done with it, so many interesting dramatic levels they could have added withotu even a hell of a lot of work, but no. Instead of a well considered emotional relationship it was sex and then transforming Theresa into a regular Skalitz NPC with pretty much the same dialogue options as everyone else.
It jarred me so much I uninstalled the game. If what blacksmiths post says about long term plans comes to fruition and they add more for her in DLC or Patches great I’ll pick it up again, but the way they took this really personal story and just kind of dropped the heart of it really bothered me.

glad I’m not the only one.


SPOILER! I have the same suggestion, when it comes to character Development. At the Beginning all characters seem real, deep and alive. And the longer you play, and make Progress in the story, they become more and more flatter.

Even with Radzig. In the first place, it makes total scence, because he can’t marry a common. But after Henries parents were killed, he waits till Henry finds out by himself?


Good guy Henry crossed the line and boom they are strangers again


I think it’d be quite hard to tell someone who lost his parents that he’s actually your bastard child. I think it makes sense.


Fair enough! I know there are different opinions. I also could understand it, if Radzig would have sons, but he has so far no children, or wife, and he seems to be in his 40ies. And if he has no children, his Castle would go to the kurfürsten or the king. And as nobility you were desperade for children, especially boys, to keep the bloodline.


I’m pretty sure Radzig is in his thirties, not forties. Forties is quite old in that time period, lord Divish may be in his forties.


Äh, Diwish is at least in his 50s, i would suggest 60s. He is an old grey man. That is why his wife is fucking with Henry. Because he is not pleasureing her.

For common folk 30-40 was a good age. But the nobility reached the 60s.


At 60 he’d be in bed being cared for in most cases, 60 then is like 85+ now but with worse healthcare.


I like the house building idea. It would be cool. The player could choose which town to build it by.


hope WH makes the house building a part of the DLC; along with female character (WH stretch goal) might be good connection


I don’t think player choice should be included if you get to build a house, either lord Radzig or lord Hanush could just appoint a piece of land to you, nobody got to choose where they live in those times.


Fair enough. How about trade (career path)? Don’t think serfs, traders, etc had much choice