Theresa and a lost opportunity


Freedom of choice was limited in that regard too, but not as limited as where they live.
If a farmer’s son wants to become a miner that’s possible and he’ll get assigned to a piece of land close to a mine, at least if the lord agrees with that choice.
A knight would get a larger piece of land, but I don’t think Henry is a knight, he’d get an average sized piece of land very close to where his lord lives. If Radzig were to remain at Perkenstein and Henry doesn’t just remain in the castle he’d either get a house within Rattay or at the foot of the hill on which it’s build (could be next to where the bathhouses are for example).


I would guess Divish is in his 40’s, maybe early 50’s. I mean remember he was 7 years in jail. Im sure that would have some influence on his look and all


here’s Daniel Vavras opinion on Theresa

so he sees it like we do that its kind of unfinished


I completely agree. She and Henry should have married but the way it’s done it’s like he used her for sex. Speaking of sex, how the hell did a woman in the 15th century get breast implants?!?


I was thinking just the same when seeing those sex scenes.

Although I’m not sure who actually used whom for sex - I feel that she used him for sex, more than the other way round :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re already married with her, common property. :wink:


What breast implants? I don’t know of any character in the game that has an unrealistic natural size.


I’m specifically referring to the sex scenes. The women’s breasts are firm, round and defy gravity. Real women’s breasts do not look like that. Its quite noticeable when viewed bottom up. Boobs are basically sacks of fat. The overall shape is unnatural.


Exactly. Her breasts, though laying on her back, are pitching up like tents.


I didn’t notice that, but note also that when people are young the skin is tighter, which also holds up those sacks of fat quite decently.
I think I’ll have to play through it again to see what it looks like more closely.


There’s a weird pattern that happens in some fantasy and RPG art where the artists are using porn stars for their reference models and the porn stars often have implants, which can lead to that sort of thing. Sometimes it’s also an artifact of the 3d modelling process which doesn’t account for positional shift like that.


From a lost opportunity to boobs lol i love it hahaha


Wrong. This isn’t asoiaf. People aged normally here on earth, even 600 years ago.


Divish would be around 50-60. Radzig around his 40s. Historically speaking, people still aged normally for the time. If you made it past childhood, you could expect a decent lifespan. Looks/looking older has nothing to do with being in the medieval ages.


I agree humble sir


I was also disappointed with the lack of dialogue post-sex. While the sex scene was obligatorily specific, its lead-up was done so well that it felt like only another stepping stone on a path in a much longer relationship story arc. Then Henry wakes up the next morning and I as the player find that Henry is the modern typical male: get the sex and the girl is forgotten. It’s bad enough that Theresa doesn’t give me any custom post-quest greetings, but I’m kind of miffed that Henry is given no options to explore further dialogue with Theresa, like it’s he who dumped her, at no fault of my own player self.

Despite the OP’s suggestions, I do not want occasional booty calls or the option to build “our future home”. All I want is for there to be a reminder that Theresa and Henry acknowledge an affection for each other. It would be very simple for modified greetings to imply that they still have intimate relations even if those encounters are not depicted in cutscenes nor pursued in dialogue. I just want to hear something in Theresa’s voice that lets me know my emotional investment in this quest line was not wasted.


I agree that it seems a bit over the top to have constant “booty calls” , but the whole lack of discussion afterwards makes the whole questline feel worthless and this removes a whole huge level of immersion.


After that sex scene is was like Henry are you so bad that she won’t even talk to you anymore. Until I got the screen with lady stephanie and she stops talking to me to so I think Henry is yust bad in bed :joy:


There’s a lot of dialogue with Stephanie later on though, so you must at least be better than Lord Divish.


There are rumours that Theresa might be a playable character in some upcoming DLC, to explain what happened since she was saved from Cumans, and later showed up in Skalitz square.

At least… its a interpretation of “plans fo rTheresa” said by Dan, along with reaching kickstarter goal with “female playable character”.

On age of Sir Divish… remember he was held captive for years. That does not help to the health, and actually can cause faster aging. He is probably in his 50-60 even when by todays standards he looks for 80.